10 Best KLWP Themes to Customize Android

Best KLWP Themes
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One of the things that makes Android really great is the customization ability that it gives to the users. You can pretty much customize any part of Android. Well, now we have something called KLWP or Kustom Live Wallpaper that can customize your home screen beautifully. So it’s a good time to show you some of the best KLWP themes to customize your Android smartphone.


In this article, we are going to list down the 10 best KLWP themes that you can download right now from Google Play Store to customize your Android smartphone’s home screen.

10 Best KLWP Themes

Cassiopeia for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

Cassiopeia for KLWP is one of the minimalistic themes that boasts a lot of cool features. It brings different setups with it. You can get the “Nacho notch” setup which is a single screen, then you can have the “Serta” which is two-screen and a lot more.

Overall, it is one of the best KLWP themes that you can download and customize your home screen with minimalistic aesthetics.

MT Styles for Kustom KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

MT Styles is a free theme for KLWP and it brings in a lot of homescreen styles that give you the advantage to choose whatever you like. The themes in general are very unique from each other and you will love using it.

A lot of attention is given to each theme and that is what makes it unique. It is colorful, vivid, and very intuitive which makes it great.

CALMWAVE Animated theme for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

CALMWAVE has to be one of the most unique and aesthetic themes on the list. You have two modes, the light and dark mode which are so good that you might want to stare at them for no reason.

On the homescreen, you can add all the basic stuff like Date, Time, Charge Status, and other stuff on the top half of the screen, and on the bottom, you have this beautiful live wallpaper that looks stunning.

Material Home for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

Material Home is a very clean-looking theme for KLWP. It has the main focus n Google Assistant and Google Search so if you use them a lot, you’ll love this one. The Google Now page on this theme is unique too as it has all the Google Apps on top, then some new articles, then your frequently used apps.


You also get a dark theme with it and all the basic important things that you’d want from a KLWP theme.

Minimalist Experience for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

As the name suggests, Minimalist Experience is one of the KLWP themes that is best suited for people who want very minute changes on their homescreen.

To justify this, the theme has nine different wallpapers, Navbar support, 3 Languages, Weather and Forecast Info, and more. If you want something simple, definitely try this one out.

Minimalist Change

Best KLWP Themes

As the name suggests, Minimalist Change is for those who are fans of minimalist aesthetics and want simple skins and themes. The theme gives you Date & Time, a button for Favorite Apps on the home page. You will not see even a single app icon on the homepage which makes the theme so unique.


This is one of the themes that everyone will love because of the features that it provides and the simple outlay of everything.

Only Boxes for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

Only Boxes is also a very unique KLWP theme as it can adjust the components automatically. The theme is optimized for every aspect ratio which is really great. You can customize them from the options on the homescreen itself.

You get options like Lockscreen, Navigation Bar, Apps Side Bar, Stunning animations, and a lot of other cool stuff as well.

Slide Cards Theme for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

Slide Cards is one of the most unique and best KLWP themes that you can possibly find on the Google Play Store right now. It is not just one of those minimalistic themes that gives you clean design, it rather focuses on using every space very creatively. You get all the basic stuff like the search bar, clock, and other settings on top.


You can then have some cars for apps like Music, Calendar, Camera, New, and more. You also have a ‘Social’ option o top that will show you all the social media apps on one-tap.

Minimal Home theme for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

Minimal Home is another very clean and simple theme for KLWP. The front page on this doe not have any app icon. You just have date & time, and weather info on the front page

The theme is very simple and minimalistic with all of the options hidden under buttons and you can easily access them. By swiping left, you get your DP with social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and others.

SleekHome for KLWP

Best KLWP Themes

SleekHome is an ideal theme for anyone who finds it a bit messy to set up all the KLWP themes. The design on this one is very simple and clean. On the front page, you get the Google Search bar and some options placed on the dock.


It also has a Profile Tab that contains your DP and the apps that you use, It also contains some quick settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, some apps like Camera, Gallery, and others. So yes a must-try.

So these were our 10 best KLWP themes to customize your Android homescreen. What are the KLWP themes that you use? Do let us know in the comments.

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