How to Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q

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GravityBox is an important Xposed module while customizing Android this module allows users to modify other modules and the code of other apps. GravityBox is a very useful module by using it you can customize your smartphone the way you want. But many users have so much confusion regarding how to download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q? which framework to use, and related questions.


So here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can download and install GravityBox on Android 10, If you are new to Android customization and heard the term “GravityBox” for the first time, so don’t worry, we will go through each small aspect too, and explain everything adequately.

Gravity Box

How to Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q 1

GravityBox is an Xposed module through which you can perform various customizations in your simple Android device, after rooting you can easily change UI, status bar, icons, notification panel, font, and numerous other things like you can completely customize your lock screen, more visualizing and appealing icons you can add, and many other such fascinating things. GravityBox will work more adorably if you are using Custom ROM.

The Xposed Framework to which helps us in performing many amazing tasks, like right now Google Stadia online cloud game isn’t available for Android, but by using Xtadia and Xposed module you can install and play the game on Android devices too. An XDA developer’s member rovo89 developed an official Xposed module and named it as EdXposed, it is used with Android 9/Pie, and then EdXposed and Gravity Box both are updated to be used with Android 10.

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So, let’s see how to download and install GravityBox on Android 10/Q,

At any stage, you must avoid doing something about which you have no idea. Don’t customize any method during the actual implementation. This is precisely what that can be a reason your smartphone can fail to perform other tasks as well. We at TechLatest cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong simply because of this reason.

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Before You Start

Before starting with the installation process, you should have some pre-requisite knowledge, so here few instructions are listed read and check them accordingly

  • The first most important thing is that your device must be rooted using the Magisk module.
  • The GravityBox Xposed module supports Android 10 devices only.
  • Take a full backup of your device, if you have TWRP installed so take TWRP backup through ADB.
  • Charge your device properly, maintain at least 60-70% of the battery as if it gets switch off in between so it will cause a problem.
  • Enable USB Debugging, to do so
    • Open your smartphone, go to settings.
    • Then go to About Phone.
    • Here, tap on Build-number about 5-7 times. (A message will prompt up saying Now You are in Developer mode)
    • Then again in the settings, got to the Developer options.
    • Here, scroll down you will find an option “USB Debugging”.
    • Turn the toggle on.
    • That’s it you have enabled the USB debugging.

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Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q

Here this is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install GravityBox on Android 10/Q, don’t miss any step otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences

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Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q
  • Once the download is finished, tap on the Download finished notification to begin the installation process.
  • If any issue occurs while downloading so check whether you have allowed Installation From Unknown sources or not.
  • Tap on “Install” to start the installation.

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Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q
  • Next, tap on “Done”, when the installation is finished.
Download and Install GravityBox on Android 10/Q
  • You will see a notification saying “Xposed module updated.”
  • Now reboot your device.
  • After the device restart, open the app drawer, and now you are ready to explore more out of your normal Android device.

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Now you can experiment with a plethora of features and permissions available there. It is in its Beta version, some features may not work properly, avoid them. Rest you are free from your old designed device and you can explore more and more until GravityBox offers you.

So that’s it from our side, this was a method to download and install GravityBox on Android 10/Q. Share your valuable thoughts with us in the comment section.

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