12+ Best Android 10 Supported Substratum Themes

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Here we have a collection of some best Android 10 supported substratum themes. As we all love to make changes in our Android devices to make them look fresh and brand-new. Most of the people customize ROM’s, change themes, and what not to have a latest and admiring look of their system. If you also like to do such things, so you might have heard of Substratum and its themes to give another level of a fascinating look at your phone.


If you are looking for some best paid/free Android 10 supported Substratum theme, so your search finishes here. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some best Android 10 supported Substratum themes.

Look, you will find a lot of themes if you simply search at Google Play Store, but here we are specifically talking about best Android 10 supported substratum themes, this article will help you in choosing the best substratum theme for Android 10/Q. So, let’s get started

What is Substratum?

Before getting started with the best Android 10 supported substratum themes, we should have a look at what substratum is? Some of you might have heard about substratum, but for others, this term may be completely new. So, let’s have a brief introduction of Substratum.

 best Android 10 supported substratum theme

substratum is a theming tool that can be used to apply various themes with or without rooting. The Substratum theme is started with an extremely popular custom ROM Cyanogen Mod which has a theming engine and that made it so easy to apply themes. However, Cyanogen Mod has failed and not in use anymore, but somehow Substratum theme rises from there and becomes an immensely popular theming engine.

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At first, it was used for rooted devices only, but after Android 8/Oreo came into the picture, the Substratum theme can also be used without root. Again, with Android 9/Pie Google said that OMS (Overlay Manager Service) is intended to be used by device manufacturers only, so OMS in the current form is not designed to be a generic feature.

[Note: – You can use Substratum themes without root in Android 8 only, neither in its predecessor version nor in its successors.]

Then Again, with Android 10/Q Google has changed so many features and other things, and most of them are related to the internals of the system. Android Q itself provides various features and customization options, so Android 10 has eliminated the need for a substratum theme, but the substratum theming engine is so much better and has many customization options than Android 10 in some aspects but can’t take over Substratum theming engine.


How to Install the Substratum Theme?

To know how to install the Substratum theme, have a look at the following link How to Install Substratum Themes on Android 10/Q. In this article, we have explained the step-by-step procedure to guide you so that you can install the best substratum theme in your device easily.

Best Android 10 Supported Substratum Themes

 best Android 10 supported substratum theme

So, let’s get started with some best Android 10 supported substratum themes:

[Note- All these themes are arranged in random order, not priority wise. Each of them is best in their way, select the theme according to your preference.]

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This is an amazing substratum theme available easily, it is compatible with Android 10/Q and fully stable theme which supports Google, AOSP, GSI, Custom ROM – Rooted, it is themed with 29 third-party apps, 27 Google apps, and 10 system apps. The outline theme is available in five beautiful pastel colors. And additional colors are available with the extensions of the theme.


Ethereal is another best Android 10 supported substratum theme which supports Google, AOSP, GSI, Custom ROM – Rooted, and comes up with five different and beautiful app colors as well as five different background colors. The ethereal theme comes up with various customization options. This is also themed with 29 third-party apps, 27 Google apps, and 10 system apps.

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Valarie is one of the best Android 10 supported substratum themes. This is a beautiful substratum theme that supports almost all devices and custom operating systems with OMS, but for Android 10, and Pie it supports only OxygenOS. This theme also supports Samsung’s OneU Pie. You can download it from here.



PitchBlak is quite popular for its known fully featured dark black theme which is battery friendly. Various apps and ROMs support it. It makes a perfect balance between materialism, minimalism, and various color combinations. It automatically creates 130+ theming sets so you can pick any one of the combinations from them. It offers so many options so you can select one of your choices from them.

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Flux Dark/Flux White

Flux Black/Flux white both are the best Android 10 supported substratum themes, which is designed with perfect pixel graphics and material UI. This theme gives a fascinating, vibrant, and cool look to your device. It supports AOSP like other themes, but it doesn’t support Oxygen OS for Android 10. It works with Android Nougat/Oreo/Pie/10 stock and custom ROMs.

Swift Black

Swift black is another best substratum theme which supports Android AOSP based ROM’s including Android Nougat, Oreo, Pie, and 10/Q. It comes up with 200+ handcrafted overlays that use pitch-black color for the backgrounds and also it tends to preserve apps original color and accent wherever possible. It is best suited with the OLED screen and it also helps in extending battery life too. It’s too many amazing features makes this to able to get listed in best Android 10 supported substratum theme


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Biohazard is a unique, elegant dark theme that comes up with some aesthetic designs and this substratum theme is highly focussed on details. With the Biohazard theme, you will be found perfection in customization and accurate detailed look of apps and its versions. Biohazard supports Android 10. pie, and others, but it doesn’t support stock OEMs like EMUI/MIUI/ZenUI, etc.


This is another unique and best substratum theme for Android 10, Translucent is available for Android 10/Q, Pie, Oreo, and some ASOP ROMs too. As everything about this theme is easily understandable by its names, this theme comes up in three modes including dark mode, half-translucent, and fully translucent.

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Flare is another best Android 10 supported substratum theme, which is gradient-based, this is a beautifully designed and curved theme which currently supports Android Pie & Android 10 Q Stock / Custom Roms, OxygenOS and Samsung Pie & Q OneUi.


Gravija is a pretty famous substratum theme, a dit is widely known only for its vector gradient-based theming, it comes up a lot of options inside. By using Gravija you can change the primary or accent colors, also you can completely change the look/layout of any app.

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Belo works with Google stock and custom AOSP based 8.1/9.0/10 ROMs. This theme offers a simple, and mesmerizing look and feels if you are the user who seeks toward simplicity, so Belo is the best substratum theme in this case.



FAB is a dark theme with beautifully designed icons in all the apps and it uses gradient UI elements, like switches, progress bars, buttons, navigation bars, floating action buttons, and others. It offers 5 different background colors and 15 different gradient accent combinations. This theme works only with Android Pie and Q Google stock, custom AOSP based ROMs, and OxygenOS 10 Q.

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Aurora works with multiple operating systems and devices; it comes up with a unique and beautifully designed custom theme package. It provides you an option to explore and choose the best theme among 200 theme packages. It can support more than 40 background apps and more than 55 accents.

So this is it from our end these were some best substratum themes for Android 10. I hope you like the content and found this article useful. After knowing some best substratum themes let us know which you are going to choose. If you know some other best Android 10 supported substratum theme which is missing from the above list, so please let us know in the comment section.


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