How to Enable Always-on Display on Any OnePlus Phone

Oxygen OS
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OnePlus is always known for its best UI and out-performing features, and now OnePlus users can also enable always-on display features using OPAodMod Xposed module in their rooted OnePlus devices. Since AMOLED displays came into the picture, most Android smartphone manufacturers started putting the Android-on Display feature in their smartphones.


This feature is quite a power-efficient, and here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can enable always-on display feature on your OnePlus smartphone with root. So, let’s get started

What is the Always-on Display?

Enable Always-on Display

Before getting started with the method of how to enable always-on display on OnePlus smartphone, let’s first know what Always-on display is. So, always-on display (or AOD) is a mode in Android smartphone, which keep the screen on in white or black mode with showing only key text, i.e. if your screen is displaying time so this feature will only enable the area of the screen in which clock is displayed other area will be off and doesn’t consume power.

That’s why this is a power-efficient feature, and if you receive any notification, it will keep you updated with that without actually displaying a complete screen. Some smartphones have an inclusive mode for this feature; however, OnePlus devices don’t offer such a feature. Fortunately, we have a method to get and enable Android-on display on OnePlus smartphone.

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Why OnePlus Devices doesn’t have AOD after having an AMOLED screen?

Well, let me first clear a doubt between Ambient display and Always-on Display. OnePlus offer a customization option in its display setting through which the user can enable the clock, which will appear after the phone is locked. So that feature is the Ambient feature offered by OnePlus in many of its smartphones, it is different from AOD. It can give you a slight experience of AOD but it is completely different from AOD and lacks in so many ways.

So the question is why OnePlus doesn’t use or enable Always-on Display feature in its devices after using AMOLED screen. Look, AOD is a software feature and every software we are using in our device should be compatible with the operating system. OnePlus uses Oxygen OS for most of its smartphones, and somehow always-on display feature isn’t compatible and stable with Oxygen OS.

This feature has an adverse effect on the OnePlus devices, the company try to provide this feature with their OnePlus 6 but then many users complaint that they are facing performance and battery-related issue. Later, OnePlus removed the feature with a software update. However, OnePlus confessed that they will launch the feature later this year but no one knows when?

What is OPAodMod?

The AOD is an extremely useful though popular feature for any smartphone, so most of the users demand this feature. After getting a high urge of this feature from OnePlus users. One of the XDA Recognized Developer/Contributor Quinny899 has come up with a solution and launched OPAodMod (OnePlus-Always-On-Display-Mod), this is an Xposed module which allows users to enable Always-On display feature on rooted OnePlus devices.


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Feature of OPAodMod

  • It is completely different from the Ambient feature from OnePlus, and it runs all the time.
  • It enables more layout customization options like digital clock style, world-clock style, also a DVD screensaver.
Enable Always-on Display
  • Notification panel displays notification only for few seconds.
  • It enables an option to display the screen only when the phone is raised or picked up.
  • When the device is flipped, inside the pocket, you can hide the screen.
  • You can disable the screen overnight, or after 10 minutes or 15 seconds.
  • It also shows alarm, weather, and playing music.
  • It displays the customizable lock screen message.

How to Enable Always-on Display on Any OnePlus Phone?

Before you Start

  • It is recommended to keep a backup of all of your data in your smartphone (because if something went wrong so may lose your whole data). Know more about Best Cloud Services.
  • The smartphone must be rooted. Follow this article to know How to Root Your Android Device
  • Install Magisk and Magisk Manager.
  • Download the latest version of OPAodMod.

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Supported Device

Only some OnePlus devices support the OPAodMod, so check the following list whether your device supports OPAodMod or not, if Yes so enable Always-on display on your device.


Follow the given steps one-by-one, and carefully to install OPAodMod and enable always-on display on your device.

  • You should root your Android smartphone, to install the Xposed Framework and OPAodMod module. (If the device is already rooted so proceed to next step, otherwise go through with the following to know How to root Android Device). To know specifically about your device, you can seek help from XDA-Developer Forum
  • Now, install the Xposed Framework on your device.
    • Open the Magisk Manager app in your rooted device.
    • Tap on the hamburger menu icon, and click on Downloads.
    • Tap on the search bar.
    • Search for the ‘Riru – Core‘ module.
    • Tap on the Download icon, and then click on Install.
  • Download the latest Canary version of the ‘Riru – EdXposed‘ module.
  • Once Download finished, open Magisk manager, tap on the hamburger menu icon and click on modules.
  • Tap on the Circular Plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, navigate to the downloaded module folder.
  • Select ‘EdXposed-YAHFA-v0.4.6.3 (4546)‘ file and install it.
  • Now, you have successfully downloaded the Xposed framework in your OnePlus device, to manage this framework and OPAodMod module we, need to download the EdXposed Manager.
  • Download the EdXposed Manager’s APK file, and install it.
  • Now, Download the latest version OPAodMod module.
  • Install the OPAodMod module’s APK file in your device using the file manager.
  • Navigate to the app drawer of your rooted OnePlus device.
  • Launch the EdXposed Manager application.
    • Tap on the hamburger menu icon and select modules.
    • Here, enable the OPAodMod through tapping a toggle bar.
    • Reboot your phone, to save all the changes.
  • After rebooting, the module would be active, you can confirm this from EdXposed manager app> Modules.

So, we are at the end of this article, I hope you have successfully enabled Always-on display feature on your OnePlus device. If you are having any issue while installing or activating the module, so write it at XDA Forum to file a bug. If you have some suggestions so please let us know in the comment section.

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