Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Services Available Right Now

Cloud Storage Services
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Cloud storage is a really important aspect these days for many of the professionals who have to deal with huge traffic of data on a daily basis and purchasing a physical storage can be really expensive for this purpose. Cloud storage also gives easy accessibility, and backup and recovery are also very safe on cloud storage. So, it becomes important for everyone to get the best cloud storage services.


There are many cloud storage services available in the market but here we have made a list of the top 5 best cloud storage services available.

Best Cloud Storage Services Available

Google Drive

Best Cloud Storage Services

Google Drive is the favorite and go-to choice for the majority of the Android users and the reason for that is, it is already integrated with Android so the whole experience on an Android smartphone is just very nice.

It attracts users from other platforms with a generous amount of free storage that it offers. You can store HD wallpapers in full resolution on your smartphone with Google Photos and use Google’s office suite known as G Suite.

The only problem is that it does not have a very user-friendly web interface. But the good thing is that you get an app for Windows and Mac and users can directly drag-and-drop file there.

You get 15GB free and the rest is as follows:

StoragePrice Per Month (in USD)

You can visit their site here.


Best Cloud Storage Services

Mega offers a humongous free storage and is very simple to use with its very easy drag-to-drop interface. Mega is one of the OGs in the cloud storage business. Mega also has an app for mobile from which you can upload files and photos, as well as sync clients with desktop.

Mega is also very safe and secure and claims that all of the data that you store in their cloud is encrypted on your device before reaching the servers.


Mega offers 50GB free and the rest of the pricing is as follows:

StoragePricing Per Month (in USD)

You can visit their site here.


Best Cloud Storage Services

So IDrive is very good in most of the aspects. It offers continuous syncing of files, even those on network devices. You can also share files using email, Facebook, and Twitter. One of the interesting features of IDrive is that files deleted from your computer are not automatically deleted from your server. IDrive is fast and very easy to use but the only downside is that it does not have a 2-factor authentication.

You get 5GB free and there are monthly to yearly plans that vary in the pricing and you can view them all here.



Best Cloud Storage Services

OneDrive is a Windows stock cloud storage service that comes out of the box, so you do not have to download it. You also have the Personal Vault that gives an added layer of security. It also has some particularly good file restoration system in the place. Additionally, it also has various integration with apps.

The cloud offers 5GB for free and the rest of the pricing is as follows:

StoragePricing per Month (in USD)
Unlimited (One Drive for Business)10

You can see all the plans here.


Best Cloud Storage Services

DropBox is one of the oldest and best cloud storage services out there. It works effortlessly in terms of file synchronization. Has dedicated apps for every OS and very tight OS integration. It is very good and recommended for the pro users and the only downside is that it is slightly expensive.


The free storage cap is just 2GB which can be increased with referrals to up to 16GB and the pricing is anywhere from 1.99/month for 2TB when billed yearly. You can see all the plans here.

So, these were the best cloud services available out there currently. Do let us know about other ones too.

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