AnonFiles: Underrated and Anonymous Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage services have really picked up after COVID-19. The majority of people now prefer storing/sharing their documents and files on the cloud.


In the cloud storage sector, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are some of the top dogs. However, there are many underrated could storage services like AnonFiles which a lot of people don’t know about. 

In this article, I am going to tell you all about AnonFiles and how you can use it for cloud storage. 

About AnonFiles


At first, AnonFiles might seem just like an ordinary cloud storage service to you. However, it is quite different then the normal cloud storage platforms out there. One of the prime distinguishing features of AnonFiles is that you do not need any login details or account to upload a file. 

Yes, that’s right! You can upload any file type here anonymously so you get an anonymous working space. 

Also, the other users can access and download the shared files without creating an account or login too. 

If that wasn’t enough, AnonFiles also hides the IP addresses of its users making sure that they are not tracked. This ultimately gives all the users an anonymous online session. 

Depending on the use, the above features can have their pros and cons which we shall also discuss later in the article.  

Its Features

  • No Login Required: To use AnonFiles, you need not log in or create an account with the service for both uploading and downloading the files from the cloud storage.  
  • Hides your IP Address: When you use AnonFiles, the service hides your IP address and makes sure that you are not being tracked online. 
  • 14 Languages: The service is really simple to use and comes with the support of 14 different languages. 
  • Android App: To make things easy, AnonFiles also have an app for your Android smartphone. So you can use this service anywhere making your workflow effective.

Upload/Download Limitations

When it comes to uploading and downloading files on AnonFiles, there’s no cap on data transfer meaning, you get unlimited bandwidth. However, the platform has some restrictions to provide misuse. 


First of all, the maximum file size that you can upload is 20GB. Also, you can upload a maximum of 500 files or 50GB of data per hour on the cloud. 

If we talk about it per day then you can upload a maximum of 5,000 files or 100GB of data in a day. There are no limitations on downloads though. 

Using AnonFiles 

Using this service is pretty simple. If you share a lot of files over the cloud then you are going to love it! 

Uploading a File 

When you have a file to upload, all you have to do is visit AnonFiles and then click on the UPLOAD button. 


After that, you have to select the file you want to upload and double-click on it. 

AnonFiles: Underrated and Anonymous Cloud Storage 1

The upload process will begin and once the file is uploaded on AnonFiles servers, you will get a link that you can share with other people to download/access the file.

AnonFiles: Underrated and Anonymous Cloud Storage 2

Downloading a File

Once you have the link to the uploaded file, you can paste it in the URL box on any browser and then hit the DOWNLOAD button. 

AnonFiles: Underrated and Anonymous Cloud Storage 3

And just like that, you can upload and download files on AnonFiles with ease. 


So What’s the Big Deal?


AnonFiles is free, hides your IP address, makes you anonymous, isn’t that everything people want in 2021 when privacy is such a big concern. Well, on one hand, these features are great but when you think of them from a safety point of view, there are some drawbacks. 

Since the service doesn’t ask you to create an account and anyone can upload a file, there is no way of tracking the origins of a file. Some people can take advantage of this and upload viruses, trojans, and sensitive illegal content with no consequences at all. 


When it comes to privacy, there are no other cloud storage services that can match with AnonFiles. Your IP address is hidden, you can share files anonymously and that is as private as you are going to get on the internet. 

Although AnonFiles is great in terms of privacy that comes at the expanse of some security features.  



Is AnonFiles Safe to Use?

Yes, AnonFiles is completely safe to use despite some negative remarks from the users. 

Is AnonFiles a Virus?

No AnonFiles is not a virus. Sometimes people upload viruses as files on the platform and that is where the service gets the negative remarks.

Should I Use AnonFiles for Downloading?

As long as the link is from a trusted source and you know that it is safe, you can download it from AnonFiles. Just do not click on random links as they can be viruses or illegal content. 

Closing Phrase 

So that was all about AnonFiles. In my opinion, the platform is great if you share a lot of game files, software online with people. It is a great way to stay anonymous and share files over the internet.

With that said, it has some safety issues and you should always look out for suspicious links from random users. 

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