Is Safe for Sharing Files?


  • rose to popularity, being one of the cutest cloud storage platforms.
  • It does support user profiles, is free to use, has had no development in recent years, and its developers are unknown.
  • You would bother whether it is safe to use or not, and I’ve answered the question for you.
Cloud Storage
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With the increased influence of Matsuri culture worldwide and its technological advancements, it’s no wonder you would look upon it with awe. Matsuri is Japanese culture, and you would enjoy it with anime, Manga, and Sushi. Further, the country is even ahead of technology. 


Integrating the two,, the cutest cloud drive, reflects both. It is web-based, yet you can get its extension or download the app. Since its developers are unknown and adorable enough, you would be wondering if Safe. 

When you upload or download data through a medium, especially cloud storage, such concerns are apparent, and I have tested and resolved them all!

Catbox moe

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Is Safe?

Ever since the service launch and its increasing popularity amongst technical enthusiasts, there’s always been a concern about whether Catbox is Safe.

To answer the same, I conducted a test to check its Safety and threats. I have checked the most adorable Kawaii-themed cloud drive against several parameters. 

Below-mentioned is a list of the same: 


According to checks using VirusTotal and Sophos Scan, and some more, does not contain any virus. Thus, it is safe for you to upload files and keep them until needed. So it won’t affect your device or harm it.

Malicious Files

According to checks using VirusTotal, is partially malicious. VirusTotal’s 1 out of 90 security vendors flagged as malicious. Besides, any user can upload any file on the cloud drive, so there’s no assurance that the file is safe.


Besides, to keep you safe against this threat, I recommend downloading files from known sources only. Also, run an antivirus scan over the files you download before proceeding. 


In terms of maintenance, the cloud-drive has a downside. The developers haven’t updated it for more than one year. Thus, it becomes uncertain whether they wish to put more effort into developing it. 

Besides, after a specific time, utilities do lag if they aren’t maintained properly. So, it won’t be surprising if something happens with Catbox or it develops a bug. The development and maintenance are not on the cards since its GitHub repository has also not recorded any activity for a long time.


You upload your files and other data over the most adorable cloud drive online. However, it is obvious to worry whether it will be safe. The website has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol which establishes a secure connection between the visitor and the website. 


Though no development and maintenance have been recorded recently, its SSL certificate prevails. Thus, your files uploaded are safe. So, with advanced security mechanisms, your data and even the connection are encrypted. 

Data Breach 

One of the most significant proofs specifying that the data you upload on the cutest cloud drive is safe is that, to date, there’s no data breach reported. Since you can create a user profile, upload files on it, and access them using it, thus keeping your files safe from unauthorized access. 

Further, all the files are encrypted. Besides, doesn’t create a process and runs in the background continually, thus no hidden background data or resource usage. This, in turn, confirms that the site doesn’t spy on your PC or access your PC data. 

Features of

Though with a minimalist interface and a simple cloud drive, has many features which make it distinct. 


Below-mentioned is a list of the same:

  1. 200 MB Maximum Upload Limit: With, you can upload as big as 200 MB at once. Further, you don’t have to worry about the amount of data you can store on its servers, as there is no limit to the number of uploads you can make.
  1. Faster File Processing: uploads and downloads files in a fraction of seconds. Its smaller size and lesser complexity are what make file processing faster. Thus, whether you want to upload or download files, you don’t have the application won’t buffer. 
  1. Minimalist Interface: though its developers are unknown, yet it’s grabbing a lot of eyeballs for its minimalist, cute, and attractive interface. With a Kawaii theme and cute character interaction, it’s another obsession, especially for Japanese culture lovers. Its interface is not cluttered despite having basic and advanced features like a cloud drive. 
  1. Free to Use: works on a crowdfunding basis. It means you can use the cloud drive without extra charges. 
  1. Easy to Upload Files: You can easily upload files to with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Besides, if you use the tool on your mobile device, then all you have to do is tap on the Drag and Drop section, choose the file, and select it for upload.
  1. Supports Upload via URL: enables you to upload files via URL also. Like other files, you can share them by copying their links into the keyboard. 
  1. No Upload Limit: Though you can upload only 200MB of file files every upload, there is no limit to the number of Uploads allowed. 
  1. Easy Organization of Files: You can organize your files uploaded on the cloud server easily. For this purpose, Catbox allows you to create and edit albums where you can group files. 
  1. No Ads: Though free yet it doesn’t support Ads, and hence browsing for your files is easy. 
  1. Browser Extension: Using browser extensions, you can speed up the file upload process and even reduce the minimal hassle. It’s uprooted for common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi
  1. Save Power and Easy Night Navigation: The cloud drive, unlike most others, does support dark mode. Hence, you can save your device power. Besides, it puts less strain on your eyes while navigating at night. 

What are the Limitations of

Though is an incredible cloud drive, like every coin, it does have two sides.

  1. Does Not Support All File Formats: Catbox supports only limited file formats. Hence, it doesn’t support .exe, .doc, .jar, .scr, and .cpl files.
  1. Can Upload File of Only 200 MB File Size At Once: Though there is no space limit, yet can only upload a file size of a maximum of 200 MB at once.
  1. Mobile App Does Not Work on All Devices: The website is mobile optimized. However, its mobile app with the latest OS isn’t supported on most Android devices. 

How to Fix Not Working? aims to provide security, so it often masks users’ IP addresses. Therefore, your network would restrict you from accessing the site, especially at specific locations. In such a scenario, you can use by connecting to a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Earn? is free, doesn’t feature ads, and its developers are unknown. So, you would be wondering about how the cloud drive earns. It relies on Crowdfunding by Patreon. Thus, you can contribute funds or crypto gifts to its development if you wish to.

What is similar to CatBox moe? and Anonfiles are similar to Catbox. Further, Catbox even has a service called Litterbox, where you can store your files temporarily.

The Final Word: Is Safe is safe and has all the features for all your nitty-gritty needs. It has no virus but does contain malware, and anyone can upload files on it. So, you should avoid accessing files from unknown sources, and if you do, scan them against malware. 


Its feature of installing browser extensions is another incredible feature of it. With aesthetic visuals and a non-cluttered appearance, it’s again a pleasure to the eye. Further, the platform hasn’t even reported a data or security breach, and neither are there any chances.

Thus, is 100% Safe!

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