Tweet from CEO Reveals that Oneplus 7T Might have had a Marble Finish

Oneplus 7T cover
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Typically when someone mentions Oneplus, our basic thoughts are affordable premium end smartphones, optimum performance, cool features. But one thing that we one plus actually lacks is a cool design. I am sure that many of you would agree that Oneplus smartphones aren’t the most good looking smartphone. They are decent in terms of looks but other flagships by Samsung or Apple are way better in terms of looks.


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Well, the story could have been a little different is Oneplus launched the Marble finish Oneplus 7T. Recently, Oneplus CEO, Pete Lau took his twitter handle and tweeted a number of Oneplus Phones with different kinds of finishes. The company did launch a special edition matte white Oneplus Star Wars edition, others like the Oneplus 7T never got out in the market.

To be honest these designs seen in the images were not meant for public consumption anyway, with Lau saying that the company experiments with new designs to improve the look and feel of the smartphone.

According to Lau: “We do more testing with colors, materials, and finishing (“CMF”) than you could imagine because that’s what decides the overall feel of the phone”.

He also hinted that the company may soon unveil smartphones with possibly more radical designs that the company might have experimented in the past. “We have got more to share soon,” he said.

I think it will be really interesting to see some other build materials, colors, and designs on the upcoming smartphone.

Oneplus 7T
Oneplus 7T with many different designs via Pete Lau(Twitter)

Oneplus 7T was launched late last year, and it is expected that the company will announce its successor, the Oneplus 8 next month. If the reports are t be believed then Oneplus might also launch a mid-range smartphone, tentatively called the “Oneplus 8 ‘Lite’” along with Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro but it is not clear as of now to whether it will also be unveiled alongside the flagships at next month’s event. The Global launch event is scheduled for April 15th but the shutdown due to the COVID-19 can be a spoilsport. But, it will still be interesting to see if the company will have some new designs and colors for the upcoming smartphone because that will just add to the overall value of the smartphone and make it even better.

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