We have all gone through that annoying moment when suddenly the song stops playing because there’s no internet! Nobody deserves to be disturbed in between their jam sessions.


But we also don’t want to buy the costly premium version of our music app. And this is where offline music apps make a perfect deal! 

Music streaming apps also eat up so much of your data. So offline music apps are an excellent option for you to enjoy your tunes relentlessly.

Offline music apps may sound dull compared to music streaming apps like Gaana, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. But there’s so much more to the world of offline songs! Here is a list of the top 15 offline music apps for Android users. 

Note that most apps do not come with an in-built library of songs. They work the best if you want a seamless music experience with the songs already downloaded on your device. 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android 


Check out the following list of apps to enjoy music offline. All of these apps are available on Google Play Store. The ratings mentioned are as per Google Play Store, and the download links are the same. 

 Pulsar Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Pulsar Music Player has an eye-catching animated interface that is very quick. It contains absolutely no ads. You can choose from a range of themes as per your personalization. It displays lyrics and allows you to create playlists. The app supports all audio formats. 

A unique feature that Pulsar offers is that it has ‘Repeat’ and ‘Shuffle’ buttons in the app notification panel. 

Other features of this app include gapless playback, sleep timer, play speed adjustment, and Android Auto support. You can also adjust the size of the widgets. It has a smart playlist feature that automatically makes a ‘Recently Played’ or ‘Newly Added Tracks’ playlist. 

Rating – 4.6 

Download – Pulsar Music Player

 Oto Music 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

If you’re a person who likes aesthetics, then Oto Music is the perfect app for you. The colors of its interface are aesthetically bright. Besides, it has a smooth minimalist interface with bright colors, unlike other music apps that include animations and dark themes in their user interface.

The best feature which sets it apart from other apps is that you can edit the lyrics and tags of the song. No other music player app offers this feature. It also allows you to change accent color and highlight color. 

This app includes a sleep timer, supports all formats, Android Auto support, an inbuilt equalizer, and is entirely ad-free. Another unique feature is that you can blacklist certain songs, artists, or genres so that the app doesn’t suggest those again. You can even import and export playlists. 

Rating – 4.6 

Download – Oto Music 

 Musicolet Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Musicolet has a simple GUI with easy navigation. It has both light and dark themes to suit your preference. The app offers embedded lyrics for the songs. You can even create folders in the app. Further, you can even edit the tags of multiple songs at once. 

The unique feature of this app is that you can view the queue and lyrics of the songs from your lock screen. It also allows you to create home screen shortcuts for your favorite artist, album, or folder for direct access. And unlike all other music player apps, you can customize the notifications. 

Some pretty exciting features of this app include a sleep timer, no ads, a powerful equalizer, great widgets, Android Auto support, Chromecast support, and backup and restore options. 

Rating – 4.6 

Download – Musicolet Music Player


Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Poweramp is a wildly popular app. It has cool visualizations with light and dark skins, so many people prefer it. The app supports almost all types of audio formats.

You can customize the app’s features like the visual themes as per your liking. Poweramp is easy to operate and navigate. It has a direct volume control button. The user is also able to import and export playlists. 

Its most powerful features are excellent sound quality and clarity, great bass, treble adjustment, reverb, gapless smoothing, and wave seek bar.

Besides, it also includes a 10+ band equalizer, Android Auto support, Chromecast support, lyrics for songs, widgets with styles, and detailed information about the audio. 

Rating – 4.4 

Download – Poweramp


Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

AIMP is another top-rated app. It is an old-school playlist-based app. The app does not contain an in-built library of playlists. It works best when you have your favorite songs downloaded on your device. That is, the app is most suitable for playing local music.

The app supports almost all the formats ranging from aac to XM. It is a lightweight and user-friendly app. AIMP also allows users to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. 

The remarkable thing about this app is that you can bookmark any artist, song, album, or genre in this app. It also has a powerful equalizer of 29 bands. Another unique feature is that you can also use the app on your computer or laptop. You can also switch the tracks using the volume button of your device. 

With Android Auto support, dark themes, support for CUE sheets, song lyrics, smart playlists, sleep timer, custom themes, and day and night mode, it also provides an ad-free experience.

Rating – 4.4 

Download – AIMP

 Shuttle Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Shuttle Music Player has a colorful modern design. It is an open-source music player for Android devices. The app offers simple navigation. Users can enjoy listening to songs without ad interruption. You can also unlock additional features using the premium version. It lets you select from various themes, including light and dark themes. 

The most excellent feature of this app is that it can handle large volumes of data. Shuttle Music Player also works on e-ink screens. Using this app, you can also change the album cover of the songs to your liking. 

It has a user-friendly interface, sleep timer, embedded lyrics, customizable widgets, a 6-band equalizer, and gapless playback. 

Rating – 4.4 

Download – Shuttle Music Player 

 BlackPlayer Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

BlackPlayer is a genuinely minimalistic app with a simple black interface. It is an MP3 music player that works best with local content. The app has simple navigation. It enhances the music quality. There are various sound effect settings available. It supports limited audio formats. 

The best feature of this app is that you can customize anything and everything as per your liking and comfort. If you want to change the size and color of the pause/resume button, you can even do that! It also allows you to edit the song information. You can categorize the songs and albums. 

Other features of this app include a 5-band equalizer, sleep timer, gapless playback, crossfading, support for Android Auto, embedded lyrics, and three widgets. 

Rating – 4.4 

Download – BlackPlayer Music Player 

 PlayerPro Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

PlayerPro Music Player is a top-rated app. It has a fast and intuitive interface. The app has limited ads. You can see your music library at a glance using this app. It also allows you to listen to audiobooks. The app has two lock screen widgets and five home screen widgets.

The best feature of this app is its perfect equalizer. Another thing that the users love is that the song starts playing right from where it stopped when you open the app. You can shift to the next or previous song by shaking your phone. 

Some more valuable features of this app include an easy-to-use interface, listening to radios, supporting Android Auto, supporting Chromecast, embedded lyrics, smart playlists, music statistics, import and export from desktop, and a sleep timer. 

Rating – 4.3 

Download – PlayerPro Music Player

 Rocket Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Rocket Music Player is a widely popular app. It has a bright color interface that you can customize per your preference. Users love this app because of the extra bass that it provides. The app contains ads, but they are limited. You can go ad-free by switching to the premium version. 

The unique feature of this app is that you can listen to songs in the background while using other apps. When you plug in the earphones, it continues playing the song right from where you left. 

Other features of this app include various themes, embedded lyrics, supports most audio formats, podcast bookmarks, a custom lock screen, sleep timer, Android Auto support, and Chromecast support. 

Rating – 4.3 

Download – Rocket Music Player 

Neutron Music Player (Eval)

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Neutron Music Player has an incredible black interface with animations. It supports all audio formats. The app groups artists by the Album Artist category. It offers various playback modes such as shuffle, queue, loop, etc. 

The best feature of this app is that it has a compressor and two equalizers. It also supports 64-bit audio processing. You can also change the location and size of the buttons. Unlike any other music player, it has a wake timer. 

Some incredible features include lyrics, gapless playback, crossfade, sleep timer, support for Android Auto, tag editing, and library grouping based on the album, artist, genre, composer, etc. 

Rating – 4.3

Download – Neutron Music Player (Eval)

Phonograph Music Player

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Phonograph Music Player has a simple white interface with colored tabs above. You can change the color of the tab. It has no ads at all. The app supports all types of audio formats. It gives the user light and easy experience. 

A unique feature of this app is that you can also use it on your personal computer. You can create and edit playlists using the premium version of the app. 

Other app features include a tag editor, easy-to-use, customizable, lock screen playback controls, and home screen widgets. 

Rating – 4.3 

Download – Phonograph Music Player

JetAudio HD Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

JetAudio HD Music Player is another highly admired app. It has a dark gray interface with simple and easy navigation. You have to switch to the premium version for an ad-free experience. There are many other features you can unlock with the premium version.  

The feature which sets this app apart from others on this list is that you can control the speed of the songs. You can shake your phone to play the previous and next track. The app has a sleep timer for up to 24 hours. 

With support for almost all audio formats, crossfading, gapless playback, and Bluetooth headphone button control, it has 14 app widgets and layout style customization.

Rating – 4.2 

Download – JetAudio HD Music Player 

Impulse Music Player 

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Impulse Music Player is less popular but a pretty fantastic app. The app has a dark theme of a black and dark gray color. You can select any color of your choice to set the theme of the app, which is entirely ad-free. 

The app has a unique timeline feature. It also provides information on the top songs or the recently played songs. It has a 5-band equalizer, presets, amplifier, bass, virtualizer, and reverb. 

The app’s functionalities include themes, easy search, a tag editor, and support for popular audio formats. One downside of this app is that it doesn’t have the widgets feature. 

Rating – 4.2 

Download – Impulse Music Player  


Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Like many other music players, MediaMonkey also has a simple black interface. It supports all formats of audio. You can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks using this app. MediaMonkey is quick and convenient to use

The best feature of this app is that it is available on PC. You can even sync your data between your mobile and PC. It is also capable of managing large volumes of data. The app also organizes all your data by default. 

Some user-friendly features include a sleep timer, equalizer, bookmarking large files, widgets for the home screen and lock screen, and editing properties of multiple files. 

Rating – 4.1 

Download – MediaMonkey

Pixel Music Player

Top 15 Offline Music Apps for Android

Pixel Music Player has a simple user interface. It is also easy to navigate and use. Besides music, it also offers you podcasts and radio. You can enjoy a seamless ad-free experience only with premium. It also offers you three themes – light, black and dark gray. 

The best feature of this app is that it analyzes the music you listen to. Based on this analysis, it suggests other similar songs or artists. It also contains a video player. You can also customize transitions and animations in this app. The app also has the feature to set any song as your ringtone. 

Other features of this app include a 5-band equalizer, bass boost, sleep timer, gapless playback, download lyrics, widget support, lock screen control, and notification control. 

Rating – 4.1 

Download – Pixel Music Player 

The Wrap Up

That concludes our list! You can download any app as per your choice and liking. You can easily enjoy songs, podcasts, or radio with that app. But remember – you must have songs stored on your device to use most of the above apps. 

So now that you know which are the best offline music apps, what are you waiting for? Download any app of your preference from the above list and continue your jam session! 



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