Is Menstrual Period Tracker Useful?

menstrual period tracker
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Nowadays, we have a thorough list of all the handy and useful applications to use in our day to day life. One such application is Menstrual Period Tracker, do such applications are useful to us, or just acquire extra storage in our system. Most of the women using the Menstrual Period tracker are confused with the predictions of app and reality. For some women Menstrual cycle complete in 28 days and for others it may take up to 30-35 days. So the main question is about the accuracy of the applications, do these apps are accurate and convenient in practical use too or just their marketing companies and developers show such apps useful and there is nothing like that in real.


I know you are having so many doubts and questions about this, I had too. But after researching a lot and studying deep about all these things and after using some quite famous and good Menstrual Period tracker, I wish to share my knowledge and experience with everyone. I want that everyone especially women should know the reality; that how useful these apps are in actual.

Menstrual Period Tracker

First of all, let us clear this term in our mind, what is the Menstrual period tracker? Menstrual period tracker is third- party application, designed and developed to help women’s, so they can keep a track of their periods. By using this application your period won’t start coming regularly, or this app doesn’t prescribe you any medicine for your period cramps, also by using app your mood swings will not be fine. This application is just to take the record of your period so that it can predict your next period date based on your previous data.

menstrual period tracker

It is just an application, which helps you in recording your period’s date and data, each app comprises a bunch of features, and most of those features are completely useless for a major portion of the society, but maybe quite helpful for someone.

How Much Useful it is?

Let’s discuss the usefulness and efficiency of the applications. If you are a mid-aged woman, who is having a regular and normal menstrual cycle, so somehow these apps are useful for you, because you can easily get track of your next menstrual cycle, not only menstrual cycle you can have a track of all the disorders and problems you face during your periods. I have tried several applications and found some common features additional to basic menstrual tracking cycle, some of them are

  • Body Temperature most of the period tracker asks about your body temperature during periods, are you getting some kind of fever or you feel same as normal days, this helps in providing accurate predictions and making a precise report regarding your health during period.
  • Cervical Mucus, it plays an important role in our periods if a woman having regular cervical mucus, so that means her periods are not so near because cervical mucus stopped releasing before 1-2 days of periods (and this can vary women to women). So your period tracker will run its advanced algorithm and can predict your period based on this report too.
  • Intercourse many period trackers have the option to track your intercourse or sex drive so it can make accurate predictions.
  • Gym habits these applications also keep a record of your gym activities, because exercise and yoga matter a lot in case of periods.
  • You can also have a track of mood swings, anxiety, hair-fall, and various physical and emotional changes that help in predicting the correct period date and it can also predict changes that could occur in your body in the next menstrual cycle.
menstrual period tracker

Our physical, emotional, and mental fitness matters a lot, if we are weak emotionally, mentally, or physically, it directly affects our period and as a result, you can have irregular or late periods. Many factors affect periods in numerous ways. These apps help us a lot by keeping a track of all the changes happening in our body. But the most important thing is that you should always remember to update the data and detail into the app.

Most of the women use these apps to remember their menstrual date but forget to update data in the application too, and mainly such problems occur with house-wives they are too much busy with their household work and don’t get time for herself. I request you ladies take care of your health too.

Why do I find them useless?

While using these Menstrual period tracker applications, i found them useless in many cases, some cases are

If you are having an irregular period

If you are suffering from irregular periods, i.e. sometime your periods are too late and sometimes they are too early. For such case menstrual period trackers are useless, they cannot predict an exact accurate date of your period, because if one is suffering from the irregular period so it means their menstrual cycle may be less than 21 days or more than 36 days, and period trackers are designed with a specific algorithm, assuming a healthy body and a 28- 32 days of the menstrual cycle.


If you are suffering from any disease

This application will fail if you are suffering from any disease because disease and even a little disorder can affect period health a lot. After disease or while suffering from one, many hormonal changes take place in our body and these changes cannot be tracked by the period tracker, and even you cannot know about the hormonal changes occurring in your body.

If you are/were stressed

menstrual period tracker

No menstrual tracker can track the amount of stress you are taking and how much weak you are making yourself. These trackers also fail when you are stressed due to some reasons, it may result in late periods which cannot be tracked by the tracker because it works with algorithms and programs, it doesn’t do a complete body checkup and also don’t know you personally and emotionally. It cannot count the level of Estrogen and Adrenaline hormone in your body.

Some additional useless features in trackers

I don’t know why developers and designers add some extra features into the period tracker, where those features are none of the use. Some Menstrual period Trackers ask about your marital status, I don’t get any idea how they will predict our period after knowing one is married or not. I think age is enough to know about the sexual health of any woman, and also along with marital status they are asking for sex routine, what is the use of the marital status if you are already asking for sex routine.

Also, these applications are useless for young girls, who just started having their period, and don’t know anything about sudden changes in the body due to periods, those changes are also not mentioned in these applications. Also, these applications are useless for the women’s who are near to their menopause, because at his time also many unknown changes happened in our body and we don’t know about them. So, it’s better to consult with a doctor instead of using the Menstrual Period tracker.


Something To try: If you haven’t tried any one of the period trackers, so here I am providing one for you, so you can experience it and know better about these trackers.

Wrapping Up

I have discussed various useful and useless features of the period tracker, but it’s nothing that much useless to have a track about all the details happening with you inside your body. It helps you in knowing your own body. But if there is any serious problem, or any problem persisting for a long time, So I strictly recommend you to consult with a Doctor, because they studied about it and have far better knowledge than any app’s algorithm.

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