Leaked Windows 11: Setup, Design, UI, Experience, and much more

Windows 11
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Windows 11 is going to be one of the biggest updates in a while from Microsoft and there have been a lot of leaked images related to the new UI of Windows 11. TechLatest team also got their hand on the new Windows 11 and we have tried it for a while. 


In this article, we are going to share some of the details about the new Windows 11 update and everything that we found out interesting in the UI.

Windows 11: Setup, Design, UI, Experience

The Setup Process

There is nothing different in setting up Windows 11. The steps are pretty much the same as Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, the important thing to notice is the big change in setup UI.

We now have a very appealing off-white background and the corners are rounded. This is something that we have seen on macOS but it is good to see in Windows too.

Windows 11
Windows 11
Windows 11
Windows 11

Start Menu and Taskbar 

As for the Desktop, the design is inspired a lot from Windows 10X. One can easily notice that the taskbar at the bottom and the start menu are both inspired by Windows 10X. 

Just like we see on macOS, the open icons in Windows 11 taskbar are now in the center instead of being on the left side. 

One also gets the option to shift the start and search menu to the left if they do not like it in the center. 

The search and start menu also opens in the center of the screen. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it as Windows users have been accessing the left side for a while now. 

First-Party Apps

The first-party apps on the new Windows 11 are pretty much the same with the same design as Windows 10. This includes apps like Mail and Calendar, Calculator, Photos, and Microsoft Store. 


The Settings menu is also the same as Windows 10 itself.

The File Manager has got newly updated icons for folders which look quite nice. 

The Action Center also has a new refreshed rounded look which appeals quite nicely. 

With the new update, you also get widgets on your desktop. One can pin news widgets, and interests on the desktop. 


Moving on, the task view also has a new look with rounded corners, and just like everything else, it looks more premium. 

Windows 11
Multitasking Window

The Notification Center also has rounded corners for different functional tiles and that goes in line with the rounded theme of Windows 11.

New Sounds and Animations

Well, Microsoft didn’t just work on a new rounded design, it has also added new startup and notifications sound. There are also new open and close animations for the apps. 


Interestingly, after installing the new Windows 11, we got two updates for Windows. The first update we got was a generic update for Windows Defender. However, the second update was a cumulative update KB5004034 for Windows 10 Version Next.


Launch Date for Windows 11

As per the reports, Microsoft is all set to display the new Windows Experience on June 24. The rumors suggest that Microsoft is going to call this Windows 11. 

Closing Phrase 

So that was all about the new Windows 11 update. Our team used the new Windows 11 and I personally really liked the new subtle aesthetics and everything in terms of UI with the new update. Our team is still testing out Windows 11 and we will make sure to keep everyone updated if anything new pops up. 

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