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Jul 21, 2023

Windows 11 Update Brings More Optimization to the Battery

Windows 11 is about to release a new feature that will allow users to rigorously manage their PC's power use to improve user experience and encourage environmental…
Jul 15, 2023

Fix: Your Computer Appears to be Correctly Configured, but the Device or Resource (DNS server) is not Responding

With increased digitization, most of your work relies on computing. However, you can only complete it efficiently with an unstable internet connection. If that's what you are…
Hitman 3
May 26, 2023

Fix: Hitman 3 Crashing on Windows 11

How about being an Assassin 47 agent and successfully executing contractual assassinations? Things would be more suitable if you are a wanderlust, as you can travel in-game…
Windows 11
Apr 29, 2023

Why aren’t Windows 10 Users Upgrading to Windows 11?

With considerable hype, Windows 11 was released in October 2021, promising better performance, a more streamlined look, and a slew of new capabilities. However, many Windows 10…
Apr 18, 2023

How to Fix the “Entry Point Not Found” Error in Windows?

One such error message is "Entry Point Not Found," which indicates that a required function or entry point cannot be found in a particular program or DLL…
Apr 5, 2023

How to Fix the “Operation Failed 0x0000011b” Error on Windows 10 & 11

If you see the "Operation Failed With Error 0x0000011b" message on your computer, don't worry! It's a fairly common error, and its cause is usually related to…
Digital Audio Workstation
Apr 4, 2023

5 Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows 10/11

Talking about GarageBand and Windows, what we can do is get the Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows that definitely get the job done and are almost as…
Apr 3, 2023

Fix: Word Error 0x88ffc009 in Windows 10/11

Are you facing the "Word Error 0x88ffc009" when trying to access a file or performing any action that needs communication with the Microsoft server? Well, this is…
Windows 10 Troubleshooting Guide
Mar 30, 2023

How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000001 on Windows 10/11?

If you have ever come across the 0xc0000001 error on your Windows system, you know how frustrating it can be. 0xc0000001 error code is an emerging issue…
Mar 24, 2023

Top 10 Best Widgets for Windows 11 to take your PC to the Next Level

These Windows 11 widgets can be accessed from the taskbar. We'll examine the top 10 best widgets for Windows 11 that can elevate your computer's digital experience.
Feb 27, 2023

News and Interests Taking Up Memory: What is it and How To Fix?

Your device may even crash if it consumes too much cache memory. One such is News and Interests taking up memory. Let's learn more about it! 
[Fixed]Snip and Sketch Not Working on Windows 11
Aug 23, 2022

[Fixed]Snip and Sketch Not Working on Windows 11

Are you facing the issue of the Snip and Sketch Not Working on Windows 11? If yes, then click here to know how to fix it!
What is MoUSO Core Worker Process and How to Disable it?
Aug 6, 2022

What is MoUSO Core Worker Process, and How to Disable it?

If you have ever seen your computer turn on automatically even after you have put it to sleep, then you would have wondered why it happened. Well,…
Jul 27, 2022


If you are facing a kernel data inpage error on your Windows then you are not alone. many Windows users have reported the same KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR on many…
Business Analytics
Jun 17, 2022

8 Best Keyloggers For Windows 10/11

Whether you're an employer or a parent, keeping tabs on the activities of your employees and children can prove beneficial in many ways. Employers can ensure maximum…
How to Fix Error 0x80300024 When Installing Windows?
Jun 7, 2022

How to Fix Error 0x80300024 When Installing Windows?

Windows installation can sometimes be a tricky process, and you may run into errors along the way.  Error code 0x80300024 is a general installation error that can…

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