Windows 11 24H2 to Feature AI Upscaling for Enhanced Performance Across Games and Applications


  • Windows 11’s 24H2 upgrade brings AI upscaling for better visuals.
  • ASR ensures smoother gameplay and improved performance.
  • Microsoft’s ASR aims to revolutionize visual computing on Windows devices.
Windows 11 24H2 to Feature AI Upscaling for Enhanced Performance Across Games and Applications
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Prepare for an incredible development in technology as Microsoft prepares to release the 24H2 upgrade for Windows 11. This update promises to transform visual experiences on your Windows 11 device by incorporating AI-powered upscaling technologies.


Beyond its implications for gaming, this feature has the potential to improve visual quality and performance across a wide range of applications, marking a big step forward in user experience enhancement.

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The essence of this update is the addition of “Automatic Super Resolution” (ASR), a cutting-edge feature that uses AI algorithms to intelligently produce images at resolutions higher than what the hardware can normally support.

This results in smoother gameplay, better visuals, and an overall improvement in performance, guaranteeing consumers a more immersive and enjoyable computing experience.

While primarily recognized for its impact on games, ASR’s reach stretches far beyond pixelated characters and virtual settings.

Windows 11 AI Upscaling
Image Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft envisions its applicability in a variety of settings, including video conferencing services such as Teams and Skype, where better video quality could boost remote communication.

Similarly, media players will benefit from upscaled movies and videos, enhancing the viewing experience, while web browsing may become a more visually appealing endeavor with crisper text and pictures.

Furthermore, ASR revitalizes older games by providing native upscaling choices, retaining the charm of vintage titles while increasing their visual appeal.


This adaptability highlights ASR’s ability to reimagine user experiences across many domains, going beyond the limitations of typical gaming applications.

ASR’s implementation, like any other technological innovation, must be carefully considered. The feature’s compatibility and availability are determined by certain hardware requirements, such as NVIDIA RTX graphics cards (20 series or newer) or laptops powered by Intel’s latest Core Ultra CPUs.

Additionally, initial capability may be limited to specific games and programs, with greater compatibility expected in future versions.

In the competitive world of AI upscaling solutions, Microsoft confronts tough competition from NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR.


However, ASR distinguishes itself with its system-wide approach, which provides broader compatibility and the opportunity to play older games that competitor technologies do not support.

This strategic positioning demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to providing complete solutions that meet the changing needs of its user base.

Overall, the upcoming release of AI upscaling in Windows 11 24H2 signals a significant leap in visual computing.

By seamlessly integrating AI-powered technologies into the Windows environment, Microsoft paves the door for more fluid gameplay, better visuals, and improved performance across a variety of applications.


While acknowledging existing limits, the potential benefits of ASR are significant, ushering in a new era of improved visual experiences on Windows devices. Stay tuned for the formal release later this year, as Windows users embark on a quest to achieve computing excellence.

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