Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist with Dual Rotating Displays Launched

ThinkBook Plus Twist
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Lenovo at CES 2023 launched a variety of products ranging from Laptops to Personal computers etc. One of the products is the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist Notebook. 


When it comes to E Inks displays, Lenovo is not a slouch. The company’s first ThinkBook Plus had an E Ink display, and so did its successor. Though the third-gen ThinkBook Plus did not have it but is back in the ThinkBook Plus Twist. 

Moving on, upfront, the ThinkBook Plus looks like a classic productivity laptop with an OLED display, intel processor & more.

Coming to the back, the ThinkBook laptop has an E-Ink display, which is nothing new as we have seen that in the previous ThinkBook models as well, i.e., first Gen & second Gen. 

Now what’s interesting about this laptop is that it has a rotation mechanism at the bottom of the display, unlike its predecessors. So if you rotate the display to the right, you’ll notice that the E Ink display that you just rotated has come upfront & the OLED screen in front has now become the lid. Of course, it doesn’t have unlimited rotations; when you rotate it around, you gotta turn it back the opposite way.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist with Dual Rotating Displays Launched 1
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist Rotating Mechanism

Also, it seems like there’s a webcam on both sides of the display, but actually, it is light & color temperature at the side of the E Ink display to adjust color & brightness.

This form factor reminds us of convertible laptops, and one thing to note here is that this E Ink display is not just an ordinary E Ink display; this is a colored E Ink display from the company.

Well, it still gets all the features that you expect it to have, just like its predecessors. There are four modes in which users can easily switch just by rotating the screens – Standard mode, immersive office, E ink reader/notebook mode, and full-fledged tablet mode.

Users can also use Windows on the E Ink color display; of course, it won’t be bright as the OLED screen or for heavy tasks though they can read books on it. Furthermore, the apps on your main screen will open exactly from the same spot when you rotate the other screen to the front.


Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist Specifications 

The laptop features a 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED panel with touch & pen support. The panel is 100% DCI P3 color gamut and has 400 nits brightness. 

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist with Dual Rotating Displays Launched 2
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist OLED Display

Now, as for the second display, it is a 12-inch E Ink color display with a 12Hz refresh rate with touch support. The display can be used for reading e-books

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist with Dual Rotating Displays Launched 3
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist E Ink Display With Pen Support

Under the hood, it is powered by a 13th Gen Intel core i7 processor with up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM & 1TB Storage. As for the ports, there are two USB Type- C ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. ThinkBook Plus Twist packs a 56KW battery and weighs 1.35Kgs with a thickness of 17.7mm.


Now on to the Pricing & Availability of the ThinkBook Plus Twist.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist: Price & Availability

The Twisting Laptop has a hefty price tag of $1,649, and it is expected to be available in June. 

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