Oppo to Announce a New Audio Product; Teaser Confirms

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The first pair of truly wireless earphones from Oppo was released in India last month. Looks like the company is about to launch a new model on April 7th, 2020. An official teaser image from Oppo was posted on Weibo. This image depicts a circular device, and the date “2020.4.7”, it hints at being a speaker or maybe a case for a new truly wireless earphone. This product will be announced for the Chinese market on April 7th. And when the coronavirus lockdown will be lifted this product will potentially arrive in India too. We have to wait to know how good the product is and this will take longer.


OPPO’s New Product to be announced on April 7th!

oppo announcement

An account named “Oppo Acoustics” posted this teaser image on Weibo, a Chinese social media website. This has led us to believe that this an official teaser from Oppo’s audio department. A Google translated version of a line that was originally written in Chinese was also posted with the image.

The image shows a circular black orb with concentric circles radiating around it. This could refer to sound waves, and hinting that the new product might be a speaker, including Oppo’s Breeno voice assistant. This might also hint the device is nothing but the outer view of a case for a new pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Oppo to Announce a New Audio Product; Teaser Confirms 1

Last month, Oppo launched the Enco Free (true wireless earphones) in India featuring an AirPods-like case. And we are expecting that this new product could be something completely different. Many speculate that it could be the Enco W31 which was also announced in India along with Enco free.

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