Samsung to Soon Announce a 144 MP Camera Sensor

samsung 144 mp camera sensor
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Yes! I am not joking. Samsung is actually working on a 144 MP Camera Sensor for future devices.


These days the camera has become one of the most important factors while choosing/buying any smartphone. We have already seen a bunch of devices with 64 MP camera sensor and most probably will see 108 MP camera in the upcoming Redmi Note 10 series and Samsung’s own Galaxy S11 series.

Samsung 144 MP Camera Sensor

A recent tweet by IceUniverse claims that Samsung is working on a 144 MP camera sensor which will be based on a 14 nm process.

According to the diagram shared in the tweet, for CMOS camera sensors over 100 MP, the 14 nm process is an ideal one. This process is for making camera sensors and not the SoCs per sec.

samsung 144 mp camera sensor
img src: Twitter/IceUniverse

As of now, Samsung neither confirmed it nor denied it. So we can surely expect something big from Samsung in the upcoming months. Well, it’s not a big thing for Samsung to give a 144 MP camera sensor after announcing a 108 MP camera sensor.

But we can easily predict that it will surely a game-changer in the smartphone camera industry. Although, Samsung was the one that presented the 14nm FinFET process which is optimized for imaging applications at IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) last week.

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