Solitaire Featured
Dec 22, 2021

Why Online Solitaire Is a Revolutionary Addition to Online Gaming

As the internet became more widely accessible in India, the online gaming space began to experience a significant increase in the number of gamers. As a result,…
Fantasy Cricket Game
Dec 21, 2021

10 Smart Tips to Improve Your Predictions and Win Fantasy Cricket Games on Howzat

Do you play fantasy cricket games? If you’re reading this article, you most likely do and are possibly one of the many millions that play on Howzat,…
Rummy Game
Dec 20, 2021

6 Powerful Strategies to Win Rummy Games

Playing rummy with a rummy game app is definitely efficient and exciting, but winning rummy games is not as easy as it looks. Rummy requires a lot…
Xbox Featured
Nov 28, 2021

Best Controller For Rocket League Available

Rocket League is one of the best games available. The game is available for PC and console. So the question is, which is the best controller for…
Gaming - Chess
Oct 18, 2021

Gaming Without a Top-Tier Gaming PC

Gaming has taken on many forms in the modern world. Players can access games in a range of different ways. However, for years, if you didn’t have…
Investment Featured
Sep 16, 2021

Four Reasons Why Gamers Make Great Investors

It’s long been acknowledged that skills learned on the sports field can be at least as useful in other areas too. Now, it’s finally being acknowledged that…
Jun 17, 2020

Valorant: Riot Games Launches Ignition Series for ‘Valorant’ ESports Tournament 2020

Riot Games has announced the first steps it is taking in the world of pro-Valorant, by announcing the Valorant Ignition Series, which features tournaments hosted by third parties. The Valorant Ignition…
Call of Duty: Mobile
Apr 25, 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament With a Prize Money of 1 Million!

Activision announced that it will be organizing a Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament. The prize money is a whopping 1 million. Read all details here
Jan 3, 2020

Esports: Is it worth the time? Its Future

Importance of esports and here in our country. We all know about the profits gamers are making through esports. So, it is better we know about it…

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