Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament With a Prize Money of 1 Million!

Call of Duty: Mobile
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Activision announced that it will be organizing a Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament. The prize money is a whopping 1 million. The tournament is named “The Call od Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020”.


The online eSports event, Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament is said to commence on April 30. Sony is co-sponsoring the event.

Important Info Regarding the Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament

So in order for one to be eligible to enter the tournament and participate in the open qualifiers, one must be ranked Veteran or higher in Call of Duty: Mobile.   

The first stage of qualifiers will be played between April 30 to May 24. There are some rules, like you must be at least 18 years old and have good knowledge of the game, that also means you can not have open or undisclosed violations.

Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament

And you can’t use external devices to modify controls of the game without the consent of the tournament officials.

To take part in the Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament, you will have to ‘sign up’ in the game and your first 10 ranked matches will be taken to create merit. If you reach 80 points in any weekend throughout the first stage, you will qualify for the next stage.

You will earn rewards for registration, progression through the qualifiers and additional rewards too, if you qualify.

Details for the second stage will be available on Activision’s official site.

Call of Duty: Mobile gives regular updates, recent was the Crescent Moon and a Gun Game variant.


The developers are very serious about their stance on eSports, on Reddit, the developers said, “We don’t want cheaters in our game, and we don’t want them ruining your experience, manipulating our systems, and destroying the balance of the game.”

eSports are growing faster than ever and that is why eSports are now a real thing. It is a very good time if you have good gaming skills. Just go in there and show the world and take huge prize money with you in this boring lockdown.

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