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Call of Duty, a fiction game published by Activision has rocked on in The Game Award 2019, and became “The Mobile Game of the Year”. Activision is back with the Rust Map for the game in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, before this the classic Rust Map was featured in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 and after that it becomes compatible with the game and now the new Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map is comping up for the next season.


According to Activision, “Whether you’re an old Rust pro or you’re playing this map for the first time, we’ve got the strategies for your posse to take over this town“, Rust map is the small multiplayer map, and this increases fantasy of the players because the map is small in size and every time you are very close to your enemies. If you want to know all about the map, so this article is for you my friend, because here we are providing the overview and every detail of the map you should know before getting into the field.

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Overview

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map is the small multiplayer map, so you need to be aware of your enemies all the time and this also increases the chance of your success at the same time, because you can kill your enemies fast and easily but for that, you should familiar with the map.

  • The strife is between Task Force 141 and Afghan OpFor and rust is a small size map set up in an oil yard between the desert. The large center consists, the field of pipes, shipping containers, fuel tanks, and other industrial stuff. The tower’s top is the highest values power position because it shows the total view of the map. You can reach the top by climbing the ladder or by racing up in the south-face exhaust channel. As the top of the tower is the best place to hide and track everyone, at the same time it is much risky to get over there because that place fascinates everyone in the match.
  • To the south, a bunch of fuel depots and barricades are covered up with CQB shines. Be ready to hide within a moment- beneath the tower, this is another close-quarter hot-spot. Learn every important part of the map, to cut off the enemy’s action.
  • The side-lines are opened a bit to the east, so you can put an eye on the fuel tanks and shipping crates to observe each step taken by the enemy.
  • The south-facing ladder gives access to the middle platform of the tower, from here you can have an overall commanding view of the east side of the map and you can explore all nearest and shortest paths to the tower.
  • In the north, the movement can place over and under the large pipeline, this pipeline splits, in one direction onto the tower’s middle platform and in the other out against the north fence toward an oil derrick in the northwest corner of the map. We can expect a large number of actions at the oil derrick by the shooters at the top of the structure, to the enemies at the ground.
  • The open west end gives a large cover to the north and south but it is largely open in the middle. this will work as an open ground to the enemies over the tower. Always, I repeat always check over the tower and then take any step forward.

Some Precautions/ Basic Tips:

  • With this tight, snaking, and small map you should always be careful because players with shotguns can easily knock out careless runners. As much as the risk increases simultaneously opportunities also increase, more you climb up to the central tower or greater heights, chances increase of your success.
  • Always avoid running in the middle of the open path, unless you know the path is clear. It’s always better to move scrupulously from cover to cover. Rust map is small in size and you are always in constant pressure from ground and tower, anyone can easily knock down you in a second, so always be conscious.
  • If you reach the top of the tower, so enjoy killing enemies, but also be defensive for yourself too. Keep checking the tower pathways and target them who are shooting you from the ground.

Rust Map will make the game more exciting and fascinating because players are with a constant pressure of defending themselves and killing enemies. Players need to cover themselves and kill the openly running enemies. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with rust map will also be much interesting and enchanting as Call of Duty Mobile 2019. A few days ago, Call of Duty announced the Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament, the online eSports event, Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament is said to commence on April 30. Sony is co-sponsoring the event.

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