Four Reasons Why Gamers Make Great Investors

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It’s long been acknowledged that skills learned on the sports field can be at least as useful in other areas too.


Now, it’s finally being acknowledged that playing computer games also helps develop useful life skills.

In particular, gamers often make great investors. Here are four reasons why.

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Gamers are comfortable with technology

For the average person, access to the stock market comes via an online trading platform. For some people, getting comfortable with using the platform can be more of a challenge than deciding what stocks to buy and sell. Gamers, by contrast, get to grips with them very easily.

Gamers know how to focus on goals

Most games ultimately boil down to a task you need to achieve and a pile of obstacles/distractions that stand in the way of achieving it. Experienced gamers learn how to stay focused on their end goal despite all distractions. This is an extremely valuable skill for investing.

Gamers understand risk and reward

The ability to assess risk and reward is crucial to success in most games. What’s more, games often force players to keep updating their assessments to reflect changing situations.

For example, a game may increase the difficulty of the challenges a player faces but the player may know themselves that their skills are improving. This translates very well to investing.

Gamers understand you can lose lives and still win

There’s probably never been a gamer who has completed a game without losing at least one life along the way.  It can be very frustrating but it’s just a temporary setback.

Similarly, investors are practically guaranteed to have some losses along the way.  Like gamers, they need to be able to accept them, absorb them and move on from them.

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