How Apple’s Stock Fared After the Apple Wanderlust Event 2023

Everything Announced at Apple Wanderlust Event - September 12
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As one of the companies with the highest market capitalization in the tech industry, Apple’s stock performance is always on investors’ minds — especially during product announcements and launches when prices are anticipated to surge following consumer interest and demand.


Thus, after Apple held its annual product launch event, “Wanderlust,” in September, industry analysts have been monitoring share prices and trading volume to gauge how tech investors should respond to price movements and trends.

Although “Wanderlust” unveiled promising upgrades to Apple’s product lineup, such as the new iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2, initial market sentiments were not as positive as expected.

This reaction entails a look at how Apple’s stocks historically performed after product launches and an investment guide to maximize gains among current and potential investors despite the price dip.

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Effects of product launches on Apple stocks

Considering Apple dominates the market with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, wearable accessories, and services, its current market cap of $2.8 trillion (approximately 233 lakh crore) can be attributed to historically high debuts of previous product offerings.

For instance, after the iPhone 14 announcement on September 7, 2022, AAPL stock increased by 0.7% and set a price action trend for the broad-based index S&P 500, which gained 1.8%.

Since historical data can predict future performance, many have been expecting the iPhone 15 announcement to record profitable gains and market indices to move in lockstep, similar to the past four iPhone launches.

However, Apple’s stock prices are declining, indicating relatively low investor confidence and market interest compared to previous launch days.


On September 12, AAPL stock fluctuated within the $174.82-$180.13 (approximately ₹14,553-₹14.995) range, while shares decreased by 2.3% during the trading session. September also proved to be Apple’s worst-performing month, with shares averaging a decline of 4.5%.

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Tips for Apple stock investors

Spread risk through indices

To continue investing in Apple while minimizing losses from price fluctuations, retail investors can switch from direct stock investments to indices trading, enabling them to offset potential declines in one stock through other stocks’ price increases.


They can use a reliable online trading platform to access top global indices like the Nasdaq or US Tech 100, where AAPL is currently listed.

Aside from low-cost industry exposure, risk management, and profit potential come from platform features like swap-free trades, price protection, and stable spreads, even in volatile market conditions.

Diversify portfolio through Indian tech stocks

Although the long-term outlook for Apple remains optimistic due to its status as a consumer staple, it always helps investors to diversify their portfolio and hedge risks across other tech and industry stocks.


Besides investing in global market indices that list AAPL, they can look into high-performing tech stocks in India, some of which have been responsible for the recent market gains of the benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty 50.

Specifically, information technology stocks like HCL Tech and Infosys have been the top gainers despite a dip in crude oil prices and US bond yields.

Stay updated on Apple news and releases

Finally, investors must continue to keep their eye on Apple news and releases to inform their investment decisions and specific entry and exit positions.


As mentioned, the dip may be an optimal window to buy and increase shares in preparation for bullish conditions following the release and sale date.

Meanwhile, upcoming Apple product releases like that of the highly anticipated AR/VR headset in 2024 may also signify a viable, long-term buy-and-hold strategy among current investors.

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