Five Clever Ways for Businesses to Boost Online Sales

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In the highly competitive online marketplace, it’s always necessary to search out new sales avenues and opportunities. Maintaining a consistent effort here can make the difference between success and failure, and it’s a process that many of us can underestimate.


Understanding this, we want to look at five clever methods that businesses can use to boost online sales. Whether you can implement these immediately or consider them sometime down the road, the potential of these tactics is not something to overlook.

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1: Streamlining Accounts with Biometric Authentication

Getting frustrated with clunky account systems is something we’ve all dealt with at some time or another. In some sites, the result can be a simple annoyance, but in businesses, frustration can lead to cart abandonment and lost sales.

Resolving this issue can be as simple as the implementation of biometric authentication. As an increasingly common solution, biometric systems can automate much of the account access process, reducing annoyance and even allowing a much more secure approach.

2: Use Social Media for Timed Promotions

Social media has a broad spectrum of uses for businesses, many of which can offer appreciable advantages. One of the easier of these to use is the application of timed promotions tied to social media platforms.

By including promotions on these systems, customers can be far more inclined to follow a business’s posts closely, resulting in greater visibility even when operating normally.

3: Offer Online Only Discounts

Online sales are almost always more convenient than in-person purchases, and this alone can be a driver of customer support. However, since online sales can also free up staff time, it can be worth offering online-only discounts to encourage customers to follow this form of purchase.

Discounts don’t have to be extravagant here, but small differences made up by the cost of shipping directly from the warehouse can go a long way to maintaining an online customer base.

4: Implement Reward Systems

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As one of the oldest methods of creating customer loyalty, rewards systems are a proven approach. They can also incur a significant initial setup time, but this effort is almost always worth the energy.


Like online-only discounts, rewards systems don’t need to be huge, but they do need to offer something customers can’t get otherwise.

Free entries into a prize draw or the opportunity for free shipping are popular approaches here, depending on how your business operates.

5: Adding Trusted Badges to Checkouts

Online shoppers are savvier than ever, thanks to the negative efforts of bad actors creating an air of danger. Understanding this, implementing trusted badges to your online store can be a great way to boost customer confidence, and carry them through the checkout process.

It might seem unnecessary, but trust at the checkout stage can be a big reason why shoppers turn away, so proving reliability by utilizing these systems is always a good call.


With these five methods, businesses will open up some major new paths for change, both in the long and short term. Though exact growth numbers will be difficult due to industry, cultural, and locational differences, each of the above strategies will offer something for someone, and should at least be tested.

Just remember that all of these approaches should be re-examined and streamlined over time and that there can be a delay before the results are obvious. Keep records, be ready to evolve if the need arises, and better sales numbers could be only a few steps away.

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