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Working From Home in a Healthy Way: The Best Tech and Gadgets

The pandemic has shaped the way that many of us work, maybe even forever. Despite the fact that many countries in the world have returned to pre-pandemic…
May 24, 2020

7 Tech Trends That are Thriving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of these 7 key tech trends which include Online Shopping, Digital and Contactless payments, Remote Work, and more. With the help…
Mar 21, 2020

BSNL offering free broadband plan for Landline Customers under “Work@Home”

Various Companies are offering extra benefits amid the lockdown because of COVID-19. BSNL is a new addition with its free data plan called "Work@Home"
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Jan 29, 2019

Best Work From Home Job in 2019

I got you the best solution, basically a work from home job for you which will not actually affect your daily schedule.

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