TikTok Launches a TikTok Family Pairing Feature

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TikTok has covered a long journey starting from musically and then its conversion to TikTok later, it has targeted people of all ages from teens to age. TikTok introduces new features from time to time depending upon the surroundings and the needs of its users. Now, almost the whole of the world is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak and is spending time with their family members to strengthen their bond.


TikTok Family Pairing Feature

TikTok Family Pairing Feature is live and users can use it by updating to the latest version from Play Store. The feature will allow users to access the app and customization of app settings as per user requirements. The renowned video-sharing app is very popular across countries. There are features in the app that allow parents to accompany their children while making short videos.

TikTok Family Pairing Feature

The use of the app has significantly increased during the lockdown. According to TikTok, the family pairing feature has increased its suite of safety tools. TikTok says,” It is part of our continued work toward providing parents better able to guide their teen’s online experience while allowing time to educate about online safety and digital citizenship.

The feature will be activated in the upcoming weeks. Under this feature, parents can also link their Twitter accounts with their children’s accounts. Parents can even set limitations on the various features of the apps.

Screen Time Management

This feature can be used to set limitations on the time limit of the app. Parents can set the time period for which the children can use the app every day.

Restricted Mode

Through this feature parents can select what type of videos thier children will watch by restricting the others. Parents can set the screen time management and restricted mode by using the Digital wellbeing controls in the app.

Direct Messages

Parents can turn off the chatting option completely or can limit it as well for some users through this option. Both these option Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode can be operated through Digital wellbeing controls in the app.

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