Windows 10 to Get Spotlight-like Launcher Soon!

Windows 10
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Compared to Windows 10 one of the handiest features in macOS is Spotlight which is a system-wide search feature that helps you easily look for files, folder, settings, and more on your PC. It is now rumored that Windows 10 is going to get a feature like this along with an update in PowerToys to customize Win+R. Microsoft is putting efforts to customize Win+R and to give its users more features to make their work easy.

Windows 10 Power Launcher

The new Spotlight like feature is a part of the PowerToys feature update. The company has recently focused on this old feature and it is speculated that it will come out as PowerLauncher as stated in PowerToys Github to replace Win+R.

The new launcher will also feature a modern UI which will let you quickly search apps and files across Windows. To enhance the user experience with search engines and dictionaries, the company is also working on support for plugins. Microsoft says that the upcoming feature PowerToys feature is a ‘fast launcher’ which also supports additional features.

“It’s fast… It’s customizable… It’s PowerLauncher, a new toy in PowerToys that can help you search and launch your app instantly! It is open-source and modular for additional plugins,”

Microsoft said.

Clint Rutkas, Microsoft PowerToys lead shared a poll on Twitter earlier this April, asking users to help them name the new launcher. Here is the tweet

Looks like ‘Power Toys Run’ took the lead position.

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