iPhone Apps
Feb 3, 2023

How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone?

With so many subscriptions on your Apple ID, it becomes difficult to save up a penny towards the end of the year. Besides, if you are in…
Smart Home
Feb 3, 2023

[Top 10] Best Smart Home Manager Apps

Your smart home doesn't seem smart until you unleash its functionality. If you have set up a smart home and are looking for the best smart home…
Jan 31, 2023

Fix: “This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.” on iOS

Do you face issues while connecting to your WiFi network on your iPhone? An error message "This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic." when you try to…
Delete Safari History Featured
Feb 4, 2023

How to Remove Frequently Visited on iPhone (Safari Browser)?

Safari's Frequently Visited section gives you quick access your the sites you use most often. However, if you longer need to access them, then it would affect…
Jan 7, 2023

Hollow Arrow On iPhone? Here’s How to Get Rid Off

When you are searching for how to get rid of the hollow arrow on iPhone, we have got you covered! Moreover, there are many such icons for…
Apple Watch
Jan 5, 2023

8 Best Sleep App for Apple Watch

Are these third-party sleep-tracking apps any better than the native app? Read on as we have listed the best sleep app for Apple Watch.
Dec 31, 2022

Fix: “Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed” Error on Mac

There are many instances where the users get a "Sorry, no manipulation with clipboard allowed" error, indicating a problem with the copy/paste function. 
Code Editor
Dec 29, 2022

[Top 8] Best Text Editor for Mac

Who does not need a good text editor? It enables you to modify your text files just the way you want. Mac has a built-in text editor,…
Dec 27, 2022

How to Fix mds_stores High CPU Usage on Mac?

Do you find your Mac performing slowly? If that's what happened and you have used Activity Monitor to check it, then mds_stores High CPU Usage is the…
Face Recog
Dec 26, 2022

Best Face Swap App for Android and iOS

Are you wondering how your face would look on someone else’s head? You can see how you would look using face swap apps for iOS and android.…

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