The World’s First 192-Megapixel Smartphone May Launch Soon

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The smartphone with the highest megapixel sensor is Xiaomi 10 with a 108-megapixel camera sensor. Although companies like Samsung and Apple have stopped fighting about the highest megapixel sensors in their smartphones and have settled for 12 megapixels Chinese manufacturers are still trying to expand this. According to rumors, a new smartphone with a 192-megapixel smartphone camera sensor is set to launch next month.

192-Megapixel Smartphone

A 192-Megapixel Smartphone Camera sensor?!

A Chinese tipster named digital chat station has taken Weibo to claim that this phone will launch next month. For the first time, we came across such a high-resolution image sensor and it is quite a surprise that this will be launched next month by integrating it in a smartphone. The tipster also claimed that the smartphone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G gaming chipset. Last year, Qualcomm did announce that it is working on high-end snapdragon SoCs which will come out with 192-megapixel camera support (that will support snapshots) but we haven’t heard about the development from them since then.

The claim only presents the phone’s existence, but it does not give any clue regarding which company will reveal it. Recently there was an announcement that LG will release a 5G phone with a Snapdragon 760 series processor. But to be honest, currently the megapixel war is mostly between Samsung and Xiaomi, which uses Samsung camera sensors. (Both Samsung and Xiaomi have flagships that have arrived with 108MP camera sensors.)

The World's First 192-Megapixel Smartphone May Launch Soon 1
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