OnePlus and Oppo Announces their Superfast Wireless Chargers

Wireless Charger
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Samsung introduced the first wireless charger for its phone in 2011 way before Apple’s first announcement regarding wireless charging in 2017. And since then many companies are working to integrate the wireless mobile technology. This year OnePlus is going to introduce its first wireless charger for its flagship mobile OnePlus 8 Pro. Along with it even Oppo is going to introduce its 40W wireless charger in the coming week.


OnePlus’s 30W Wireless Charger

CEO Pete Lau confirmed in an interview with The Verge that OnePlus will introduce wireless charging for the first time. It is reported that it will hit 30W at a peak, just like the wired Warp Charge 30(T).

wireless charger oneplus

It is claimed that the OnePlus 8 Pro battery will charge from 0% to 50% in just half an hour – these specs were officially confirmed by the CEO (it is said that will take 80 minutes for a full charge). These current expectations are only for the Pro model which will support wireless charging.

OnePlus’ fast charging tech is known for placing great value in running cool and obviously its first wireless charger is no exception – it will come with a cooling fan. The CEO says that the loudest that the fan can get is 30dB, which is pretty quiet, but it isn’t preferred to put it on your nightstand while you are about to sleep.

To tackle this, the charger will go into a quiet mode at night, which will smartly turn off the fan so as not to disturb you. This will also reduce the charging speed, but this is a good thing for charging overnight.

The CEO said that the charger outputs 20V at 1.5A, which is reduced inside the phone down to the 5V 6A of wired Warp Charge in two stages.

The phone and charger will always be in constant communication so that the phone can signal the charger to reduce its speed in case of heat buildup. However, Lau says that the approach taken by wireless Warp Charge produces less heat than traditional chargers in the first place.

Even if you have a Qi charging pad, the OnePlus phones will be compatible with those (though obviously they will need to wait longer to fill the battery).

Oppo’s 40W Wireless charger

It is rumored that Oppo’s Reno Ace 2 has 40W wireless charging capabilities and now a new listing on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) confirms Oppo’s plans to bring a 40W AirVOOC wireless charger.

Wireless Charger Oppo

The new Qi charging pad features a white and grey design with a designated tray for placing the phone on the right and it looks like a spinning fan on the top left side. The bottom comes with a lot of air vents to help dissipate heat and also gives us a look at the charger’s specs. It is noted that the max output is rated at 65W but this is possible through a plugged-in cable instead of the wireless method which tops out at 40W.

Wireless Charger

The other remaining question marks left are pricing and availability but we’ll have to wait till next Monday’s (April 13th) event to learn those.

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