Amid the COVID -19 pandemic outbreak, where the government has announced national lockdown, there are some people who are finding it very difficult to get both ends meet. So, here is a way for them. The government announced a few days ago that it will be providing food and shelter to the lower-income group and to the migrants in the cities, however, people were facing extreme hardship in locating these centers. Now, Google Maps will show the locations of essential necessities like food and shelters in India to help the people.


Google Maps

Google Maps

Search for Food and Night Shelters

Google stated that it is working with the central and state government to locate these essential places. Till now, these locations can be accessed in 30 cities and Google is trying to locate in more cities as well. The information can be retrieved through any of the Google products including Google Map, Search and Google Assistant. For retrieving the information, users have to type ”food shelter in” or ”night shelter in”.

Search in Any Vernacular Language

For now, the information is available in English only but it will be made available in Hindi and other vernacular languages very soon. Google India Senior Programme Manager stated that with the increase out the stress of coronavirus in India, Google is trying its best to provide innovative solutions to the people and government authorities. The steps taken by Google will help the people to avail of the facilities provided by the government.

Google Maps

He further said for those people who don’t have access to smartphones and other electronic devices, Google is working with many Ngo’s, Volunteers and traffic authorities to help these people by providing essential guidance. The pandemic has disturbed the life of people very badly and this feature will prove extremely helpful for the migrant workers who have been struck in different unknown cities.

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