WWDC 2020: Apple Switching to ARM Processors for Mac

WWDC 2020
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Apparently the rumors were true, Apple, today in WWDC 2020 just announced that they will now be using the ARM processors for the Macs soon. As Tim Cook called it ‘historic day for the Mac’, we will see Macs with ARM processors now.


WWDC 2020: New ARM Processors for Mac

Switching to ARM processors for Mac will be beneficial for the company in several ways, first of all, there will better efficiency and performance on the Mac. These are designed by Apple so we can say that they will offer the best optimization ever and will able the company to introduce some cool features.

WWDC 2020 ARM processors for Mac

All of the native apps of Mac are updated to run on ARM and the full demo of the macOS Big Sur was done on Mac that was running on A12Z. The pro apps from Apple, including the Final Cut Pro, also support ARM.

Well, the only problem is that switching to ARM has not been very pleasant for Windows, most of the third-party apps run virtualized and because of that the performance and battery life drops, and to solve this issue Apple is taking some steps.

Apple will be partnering with Microsoft and Adobe to optimize their apps for ARM-based Macs and it has also announced Rosetta 2. It will automatically all the apps to work with ARM-powered Macs. So most of the apps should work well as said by Apple.

There is also an announcement of a Quick Start program for developers. This program is designed to help the developers to understand and get used to the ARM-powered Mac on time. Developers will get documentation, sample code, and access to hands-on labs with the Quick Start program. Plus, developers can also opt for the Developer Transition Kit that will have a Mac Mini with A12Z, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD and will run on macOS Big Sur developer beta.

With the new ARM Processors for Mac, iOS apps will also be able to run on the Mac as well. So that is very good news. The first batch of Mac with ARM processors will be out by the end of this year. But it will take around 2 years to for Apple to completely switch to ARM chips for Mac.

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