WWDC 2020: iOS 14, watchOS, iPadOS

WWDC 2020
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Apple’s biggest annual event Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) has started from yesterday, 22 June 2020. The opening event doesn’t reveal anything much about hardware but had lots of fascinating announcements that were made regarding the latest updates in iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and Privacy.


However, no devices were shown off, but some exciting announcements reveal some impressive changes in operating systems offered by Apple. In this article, we are going to disclose all the important statements made by the Cupertino-based tech giant. The video starts with a dazzling and imaginative manner, then the WWDC 2020- Day 1’s introductory session initiated by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Let’s have a complete look at all the major announcements at WWDC 2020 – Day 1.

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WWDC 2020 – Day 1

Aforementioned, the WWDC 2020 – Day 1 begins with an introductory session, and then further important speeches were made regarding iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and Privacy.

iOS 14

Apple has reimagined the iOS with some iconic elements for a great experience on iPhone, The disclosure of iOS 14 was done by Craig Federighi, SVP, Software Engineer, he started the session with a very interactive manner, and following announcements were made

App Library

iOS 14

This is one of the most wonderful upgrades that will be seen in iOS, App library will automatically organize all the apps according to the categories. This is a great feature to quickly access the apps from the second, or third page.

  • Widget Gallery- Apple has debuted new widgets with different shape and size, this will help you to arrange a data-rich home screen, you can add and customize more widgets from the Widget Gallery by simple drag and drop.
  • Smart Stack – With the smart stack feature, iPhone will use on-device intelligence to surface the suitable widget according to the time, location, and activity.
iOS 14


With latest feature announced of iOS 14 in WWDC 2020 – Day 1, the picture-in-picture feature is most dazzling one, some of the screen saving functionalities are added by Apple in following apps

  • Siri:  Now Siri on activating would not take half of your screen, it will be shown up as a small animated icon at the bottom of the screen. And Siri comes up with some other functionalities too, like now Siri can send audio messages, and can answer a diverse range of questions with accurate information fetched from the Internet.
  • FaceTime Video calls/ Incoming calls: Now facetime / incoming calls will also be shown up in picture-in-picture mode, you can easily complete the background task while picking up and talking on a call.


Messages with iOS 14 are also getting awesome features, including

Pinning: Messages with new updates will also have @mentions in group messages, so this means whether a group chat is muted if a person’s name will be mentioned in the group so he/she will get a notification.


Memoji:  With the iOS 14 there are new Memoji, stickers, and Memoji’s with more than 20 new styles, face mask, and age options including additional hairstyles, faces, headwears, etc. Memoji stickers include new stickers for high, blush, etc.

Translate App

With the translate app, you can translate the conversation whether you are online or offline. This app can translates voice and text messages to and from more than 11 languages. The app comes up in two modes, one is On-Device mode which lets the user download languages into the device for on-device translations, and another mode is Conversation mode which speaks up the translations aloud so that user can chat with someone who is using different language. Moreover, it automatically detects the language spoken and translates it appropriately.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps in iOS 14 are coming up with the biggest update, which includes

  • Cycling: New cycling-specific navigations feature which will help you while you are going through an elevation, and also notify you if there are any stairs in your path.
  • Guides: iOS 14 will update you with places, like restaurants, shopping malls, and some other notable places.
  • EV Routing: Apple has upgraded a lot for Electric car drivers they will get to know about the chargers along their routes.


As announced in WWDC 2020 – Day 1 conference iOS 14 is reimagined and designed to enhance the iconic experience, so here Apple brings CarPlay feature, which will let you

  • Unlock and start a car with the iPhone.
  • Using NFC you can unlock your car with a single tap.
  • You can turn off keys remotely using iCloud.
  • Invite people to use your car, and give them access via iPhone.


iOS 14

This time with iPadOS 14, iPad is no longer tablets, they are a complete powerful computer. iPadOS coming up with several new powerful features, with picture-in-picture mode neither Siri will capture the entire screen, nor the upcoming calls, you can utilize a complete screen. And some other features to easily navigate with a bunch of other interactive features.

You will found a new sidebar and another interactive UI for the music player to easily navigate between albums, singers, other genres.

iPad’s pencil is getting an update and now it will be called Scribble. The UI is pretty good and impressive, you can transform handwritten text and shapes, and autotune singer’s voice, and many more.


The watchOS is reimagined with high-level of creativity and upgraded to watchOS 7 with a bunch of modern functionalities including

  • You can share your watch face configuration.
  • A new Infographics Pro watch face is there in watch OS 7, which will be featured with a Tachymeter, this meter will be used to compute a speed based on travel time.
  • In watchOS 7, watch face can display flags of different countries.
  • Watch faces can be created by using the photo, or a shared album, or with a group of photos.
  • The control center will feature new toggles for noise detection and sleep mode.
  • With the SchoolTime feature in watchOS 7 parents can manage which apps will be used during some specific hours.
  • Apple added parental control in watchOS 7 so that parents can manage their child’s watch with their iPhone.


Some other major announcements were made regarding macOS and Apple’s new self-designed chipset, to know about upgrades in macOS Big Sur you can follow this article WWDC 2020: Big Sur is the New macOS 11.

To know more and get live updates about Apple’s WWDC 2020, iOS 14, and other updates, visit this link.

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