Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 4, June 2020: WWDC 2020, Xiaomi’s Sliding Camera Phone, ATP Antivirus for Android and Much More

Weekly News Roundup
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Techlatest Weekly news roundup week 4, in this article we will discuss all the major happenings and important announcement took place in tech industry last week. This post will be a combinative abstracted version of all the important and fascinating launches and changes that occurred in the tech society. This article will be the collection of all the most popular and hottest announcements, leaks, rumors, and launches of last week in the tech industry. 


If you want to have a quick tour of all the happening within the week so this article is only for you, this will give you an agile evaluation of major changes that take place in the Tech world within a week.

Beginning from the first day of this week, we had a great announcement from Apple, Apple has conducted its biggest annual Worldwide developers conference 2020, following this biggest event the next day we have the latest news regarding Xiaomi’s sliding camera phone. This news was followed by another announcement from EA developers, they are planning to launch Alex Legend for mobile. And then, we have seen a preview of Microsoft Defender ATP antivirus for Android devices. All of these events were followed by some other exciting ones.

So, let’s have a quick tour of TechLatest weekly news roundup 4:

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup Week 4, June 2020

Apple’s WWDC 2020

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 4

Begining TechLatest weekly news roundup week 4, June 2020. This is the most amazing and biggest news of the month. Apple has conducted its biggest annual event, WorldWide Developers Conference 2020, due to coronavirus pandemic, the conference took place virtually and broadcasted through various platforms. Apple has made numerous biggest announcements in its WWDC 2020 including iOS 14, new iPadOS, WatchOS, macOS Big Sur, and some other major announcements like Apple is switching to ARM processors for Mac and some more improvements in its existing products.

Xiaomi Filed a New Patent for Sliding Camera Phone

A new patent has been filed by Xiaomi which shows a sliding camera module at the backside of the phone. The sliding portion will include both front and back cameras at the back and the major purpose behind such design is to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphones. A blogpost, reported that Xiaomi has filed a patent for its sliding camera phone, and explain the detail information about the recently leaked patent.

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 4

EA Planning to Launch Alex Legend For Mobile

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 4

EA (Electronic Arts) is planning to launch Alex Legend for mobile for more vibrant and enhanced mobile gaming. The company’s CEO Andrew Wilson said that we can expect Apex Legend ‘soft launch by the end of this year’ for mobile. So we can say that the game might appear in the beta version. Moreover, Wilson didn’t mention any device or platform (like Android or iOS) for which the game would launch.

Microsoft Defender ATP Antivirus Now for Android in Preview

Defender is nothing new that we are hearing, it is the stock antivirus software for Windows. The Defender has actually improved a lot and works really well to a point that you will not need third-party antivirus software for your PC if your Defender is updated. Defender ATP(Advanced Threat Protection) will be the antivirus app for Android by Microsoft.

Defender ATP for Android

Google Photos New Update: New Icon, Photo Map Search, and Simplified UI

Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo keeping app that is offered by Google and is the stock photo gallery app for many Android devices. It is around five years old and has changed a lot. Now Google Photos will have a story-like feed that will show you how your week looked in the past years, it is like an improved version of On this day on Facebook. The UI will also have some major reforms that include a new icon, which now looks like the nostalgic pinwheel. There are now three main tabs: Photos, Search, and Library.

The Base Variant of iPhone 12 Will Reportedly Cost $549

A report from @omegaleaks via Twitter claims that Apple will launch a sub-$600 iPhone this year. According to the report, Apple is going to offer a 4G-variant of the entry-level 5.4-inch iPhone 12 for $549. If previous rumors are also true, this could mean that Apple is going to set the iPhone 12 in five different price brackets.

New iPhone 12 Dummy Models

Microsoft Working on a Cheaper Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The talks of Microsoft working on a cheaper Xbox Series X version comes from a  twitter handle that operates by the name of TitleOS and he has something interesting. TitleOS is a security researcher, who shared screenshots from XDK/GDK release notes for June 2020 mentioning “Lockhart”. Now the talks are that Lockhart is going to be the cheaper and less powerful version of Xbox Series X. e

Microsoft Quietly Released Windows File Recovery Tool for Windows 10

So we come to the last amazing article of TechLatest weekly news roundup week 4, and here we get to know that Microsoft Quietly Released Windows File Recovery Tool for Windows 10 2004 Version. And it will be supported for the upcoming newer versions. The utility can be used on traditional mechanical hard drives as well as SSDs, memory cards and USB drives. There is support for NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems, so you can use Windows File Recovery to get back files lost under various operating systems.

Windows File Recovery Tool

Here, in TechLatest weekly news roundup week 4, we have seen all the important announcement happened last week in the tech industry. This is a unique method to have a quick look at all the latest announcements happening in the tech world.

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