Xiaomi Filed a New Patent for Sliding Camera Phone

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Xiaomi always tests unique methods to setup its smartphone, and this time it seems like Xiamoi is preparing to bring up a new concept in its Camera technology with Sliding Camera Phone. Recently, a new patent has been filed by Xiaomi which shows a sliding camera module at the backside of the phone. The sliding portion will include both front and back cameras at the back and the major purpose behind such design is to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphones.


Recently a blogpost, reported that Xiaomi has filed a patent for its sliding camera phone, and explain the detail information about the recently leaked patent. The patent shows three cameras are arranged at the back of the phone with a thin vertical strip. Two of them are the rear camera, and one is front faced, selfie shooter.

Xiaomi’s Sliding Camera Phone

Sliding Camera Phone

The leaked images from the patent suggest that there will be two camera modules in the back and one camera that left open because the rear camera modules slide over the edge of the phone. So at that state you will see a camera peeking from the top-back of the phone.

If Xiaomi is designing a sliding camera phone to increase screen-to-ratio, so it means they will remove the bezels completely from the of the screen. Well, Xiaomi has already tested under-display proximity sensors, microphones in earlier modules of Mi Mix, which have an ideal screen-to-body ratio, more than 95%.

Sliding Camera Phone

Nothing much has been clear about the phone’s specification, like camera resolution and other specs. Till now Xiaomi has used 108 MP of the camera in its flagship smartphone, and usually integrates 64MP or 48 MP of cameras with their phone. So this time too we can anticipate that the company will use a higher camera resolution for the cameras.

Well, sliding camera phones aren’t new to the market, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Oppo already used sliding camera in their smartphones to improve the screen to body ratio. However, the concept was a bit different, in those phones when you need to take a selfie the rear camera flips to the front-side. If you want to have a look at the filed patent so, visit this link.

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