Patents Revealed Xiaomi Smartphone with In-Display Selfie Camera

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A year ago, in April 2019 Xiaomi filed a patent for a new in-display camera smartphone with CNIPA (China Intellectual Property Administration). LetsGoDigitial spotted a grant to a patent filed for the Xiaomi smartphone with in-display selfie camera. Immense changes occur in a smartphone camera, from pop-up to rotatable and now in-display cameras with a notch-less display are going to be in trend. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are heading toward an in-display camera and if we investigate deep, so the upcoming future of smartphones is featured with a notch-less display.

Xiaomi Smartphone with In-Display Selfie Camera

The patent was filed last year with CNIPA and it was granted a month ago and published in the WIPO Global design Database, the filed patent shows few images in which Xiaomi smartphone with in-display selfie camera is sported to have the camera placements at different positions.

Xiaomi Smartphone with In-Display Selfie Camera

An exclusive report from LeakerBaba to the Tech Baked disclose patent sketches of the Xiaomi’s upcoming devices. It said that Xiaomi has filed multiple patents, and each patent shows off the camera placement at various positions. Furthermore, the sketches of patent reveal devices with both single and dual front camera. According to these patents, we can see that the company wants to adopt the in-display technology to make a notch-less full-screen display and get-rid of notches shortly.

If we looked closely into the images, so it is seen that the new smartphone from Xiaomi will be featured with an in-display camera, and it will open only whenever it is required. It seems like Xiaomi is experimenting with placements of camera setups, because camera setup in the images are placed in the right, left and at the center. Also, a centralized dual-camera setup is also shown up in the images.

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The camera will open whenever it is needed that means it will open when you use camera-app or face-unlock, or whenever it is required. Some images also reveal that the phone will run on MIUI because the images that are supposed to be run on MIUI also have a notch-less display. So we can expect that the new notch-less smartphone from Xiaomi will support MIUI.

Xiaomi Smartphone with In-Display Selfie Camera

The patent for Xiaomi smartphone with in-display selfie camera has other competitors like Oppo and Huawei in the race, let’s see who won the race first. Also, a recent conjecture reveals that Nokia is also working on the same kind of technology.

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