Huawei Working On New Under-Screen Camera

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Huawei working for an under-screen camera, a new report revealed the news. Our industries are growing day by day, if we look back a few years ago, the smartphone was imagination, but now leading companies are working with numerous advance technologies and the smartphone comes up with various integration. The most prominent changes are seen in-camera, selfie camera, pop-up camera, punch-hole camera, multi-camera setup, and now Huawei has filed a patent for an under-screen camera.


According to a report, last year on March 18, 2019, Huawei filed a patent titled “Structure, camera module and terminal device for concealing front camera”. And the patent is published on April 14, 2020.

Huawei’s Under-screen Camera

Huawei’s patent abstract states that the utility model will provide a structure for hiding the front camera, a terminal, and a camera module. According to the patent, the structure consists of a light guide plate that will be placed between the front camera and the covering glass (screen). The structure will also have a projection of the light guide plate in such a way that it will cover the notch perpendicular to the screen.

Moreover, this structure also includes a color light source that will be located on the side of the light guide plate. These color light sources will be used for emitting a specific color light to the sides of the light guide plate, this will also be used to change the direction of propagation of the light of a specific color so that it will be perpendicular to the display. This is how patent describes the working of under-screen camera.

under-screen camera

According to another report, last year in August Huawei granted a patent for a smartphone with an under-screen camera. And the report also reveals the design of the smartphone, along with its features and functioning.

Final Words

After all these reports, one thing is very clear that Huawei is actively working on an under-screen camera smartphone. But we don’t have any word from the company yet, so we can’t predict anything confidently. Till then we can just wait and hope for something much better than the expectations.

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