MIUI 12 Global Launch is Scheduled for May 19. MIUI 12 has announced officially by Xiaomi, alongside the company releasing its new Mi 10 Youth 5G smartphone series a couple of weeks ago. The beta testing for the newest interface is started in china and this latest UI is going to be a tremendous update to MIUI 11. MIUI 12 comprises of various modern visual features. MIUI 12 Global Launch is Scheduled for May 19.


MIUI 12 Global Launch

The date was revealed by the Twitter account of MIUI with a cheeky teaser – there was a math problem that’s still trending around the marketing office of Xiaomi.

The answer is clearly 19, notwithstanding Xiaomi has decided to use two different pictures for the exact same number, which may be a common mistake third-grade student make in math class. The date could be confirmed because of the 19th, and while the month isn’t mentioned it’s to be this one. After all, with the Chinese launch already behind it, there is no reason for Xiaomi to require until June to announce the features for global markets.

ICYMI: MIUI 12 Features

MIUI 12 Global Launch

MIUI 12 announced with many astonishing and unique features, which will provide a dazzling and fantastic experience to the user.

  • UI Changes: Xiaomi has done hard work in changing the UI and keeping it simple, and flat but staggering.
  • Improved Gestures: The latest UI comes up with improved gesture functioning, all the actions will be smoother and way better than the previous ones.
  • New Quick Settings: A huge improvement is also seen in the notification management of the system and now users can enjoy its new quick reply feature.
  • Live Wallpapers: Live wallpapers will be the most fascinating feature of the MIUI 12, live wallpapers will come up with different background animations and several other features
  • Dark Mode 2.0: Dark Mode 2.0 will make the drastic and amazing change, this is another impressive feature, “Wallpaper Dimming” in which you can dynamically adjust the color temperature of the wallpaper
  • Global Free Window: Xiaomi has increased the capability of the small screen window, by which you can reply to a text while playing games or watching any video.
  • Privacy Enhancements: Xiaomi has adopted a three-pronged strategy to improve privacy features. This strategy includes Flare, Barbed Wire, and the Mask System.

We already have covered the features of MIUI 12 in depth. Do check the post from the following link: MIUI 12 Announced Officially with Amazing Features

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