MIUI 12 announced officially by Xiaomi, along with the company releasing its new Mi 10 Youth 5G smartphone series. The beta testing for the latest user interface is started in china and this latest UI will be an amazing update to MIUI 11. MIUI 12 comprises of various modern visual features.


The latest UI is still based on Android 10 but consist of astonishing, and different features with a complete simple but attractive look. In this article, we will cover all the amazing, spectacular features of the newly upcoming UI.

Download MIUI 12 Stock Wallpapers from here.

MIUI 12 Announced with Amazing Features

The latest and hottest user interface by Xiaomi, i.e. MIUI 12 announced with many astonishing and unique features, which will provide a dazzling and fantastic experience to the user. This time Xiaomi going to amaze its users by providing excellent features and functioning in their latest custom user interface MIUI 12.

Some of the amazing features of MIUI 12 are listed below:

UI changes

Xiaomi has done hard work in changing the UI and keeping it simple, and flat but staggering. The most interesting thing about the new UI is status and data visualizations, Xiaomi has combined its technologies, to get a real-time blur in the background and many more interesting features.

MIUI 12 Announced
MIUI 12 Announced

Improved Gestures

The latest UI comes up with improved gesture functioning, all the actions will be smoother and way better than the previous ones. The most specific change is in the gesture navigation now it follows the stock Android 10 approach. There is a new AOD (always-on-display) and floating window feature, due to which you can always keep app-previews open over the full-screen content.

MIUI 12 Announced

New Quick Settings

A huge improvement is also seen in the notification management of the system and now user can enjoy its new quick reply feature.

MIUI 12 Announced

Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers will be the most fascinating feature of the MIUI 12, live wallpapers will come up with different background animations and several other features, it gives neat visual features in which it will zoom in from a space view to an aerial shot each time you unlock your phone.

MIUI 12 Announced

Dark Mode 2.0

Dark Mode 2.0 will make the drastic and amazing change, this is another impressive feature, “Wallpaper Dimming” in which you can dynamically adjust the color temperature of the wallpaper and Xiaomi has also worked upon readability of the text, so with new UI you can adjust the font size of the system for better reading experience and reducing eye-strain.

MIUI 12 Announced

Global Free Window

Xiaomi has increased the capability of the small screen window, by which you can reply to a text while playing games, or watching any video. Till now before MIUI 12, if a message has arrived while playing any game, we slide down the window on the notification bar and then reply, but with the new update, you can drag it to the top right corner and can see a tiny screen all the time.

MIUI 12 Announced

Mi Health

With the MIUI 12, Mi health app is also released officially, now you can have a track of total steps, sleep, workout, and many more things, just by keeping your phone on. You will be able to see that all the data of your running, walking, working, etc. is being recorded by the app. This app also able to monitor your sleep, without a fitness tracker, you will need to place your phone with you or on your pillow while sleeping. Mi health app is much beneficial to the female users too it sends sluggish reminders to record their menstrual cycles.

MIUI 12 Announced

Privacy Enhancements

Xiaomi has adopted a three-pronged strategy to improve privacy features. This strategy includes Flare, Barbed Wire, and the Mask System.

MIUI 12 Announced
  • Flare, will keep an eye on the behavior of all apps that are present in your phone and provide you a list of all apps that are taking your privacy to the risk and disobeying the permissions. It will also offer you suggestions for improving your privacy.
  • Barbed Wire, it is built upon the privacy improvements of Android 10, in Android 10 while permitting any app, we choose “always allow” option for allowing the app to access the camera and location, etc. But with MIUI 12 you won’t be able to see the “always allow” button if the app does not specify why it requires permission.
  • The Mask System, this feature lets the user create and share virtual ID on apps, similar features are already seen in Apple iOS 13 and Color OS 7. This feature will provide more control of the owner over the data.

Xiamoi’s beta testing is now closed, but live for Chinese users, and the stable version is supposed to be released in June. These dates are according to Chinese standards, while international dates may vary. All of us are eagerly waiting for the stable update; so, we can explore the latest user interface MIUI 12 announced by Xiaomi.

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