Samsung’s Tilting Camera With 6 Cameras For Super Panoramas

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With the new patent for Samsung’s Tilting camera, it seems like our mobile phone technology is getting camera-centric. A few days back, a new report unveils about the patent filed for Samsung’s titling cameras, this patent reveals that Samsung is thinking to reimagine smartphone camera technology more fascinatingly.


Samsung’s Titling camera smartphone will consist of six cameras, not two or three, yes six cameras! it seems like Samsung is preparing to launch a camera phone. Last Year Samsung filed a patent at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) ‘Apparatus and method for operating multiple cameras for digital photography’, and now this 55-pages long document is published online on June 11, 2020.

Another report from LetsGoDigital, explain more about Samsung’s Tilting camera smartphone. According to LetsGoDigital’s report, Samsung has been granted a patent for a Galaxy Smartphone (Maybe Samsung Galaxy S30) with six cameras, from which 5 cameras will be wide-angle and 1 will be zoom camera. However, it’s not about increasing the number of cameras, the company is trying to improve Camera technology and take it to another level with Samsung’s tilting cameras.

Samsung’s Tilting Camera With Image Sensors

Samsung's Tilting Camera

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The filed patent mentions that Samsung’s Tilting camera smartphone will use 5 wide-angle cameras with a focal length of 28mm. The array of cameras is added with a LED flash. Each camera is associated with a moving sensor, so the camera can tilt and achieve better focal length. This can help in capturing panorama to create a pano-bokeh effect with 4 moving wide-angle cameras.

Samsung's Tilting Camera

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Each sensor works independently and can move freely, the cameras are optimized efficiently. Only that camera will be started which is actually in use, others will be off to limit battery consumption. And the zoom camera lens can work together with all other cameras for better-zoomed images.

With better synchronization in Samsung’s Tilting camera smartphone, it can be used to capture time-synchronized image frames, this can help in recording videos with a high-frame-rate.

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