Microsoft Defender ATP Antivirus Now for Android in Preview

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If you are a normal smartphone user which many of the people are, you don’t need an antivirus app for your smartphone. But if you are someone who wants extra security or privacy, an antivirus program is good. Now Microsoft is going to bring Defender ATP for corporate android devices this year.

Defender ATP for Android

Defender ATP for Android Corporate Devices

Defender is nothing new that we are hearing, it is the stock antivirus software for Windows. The Defender has actually improved a lot and works really well to a point that you will not need an third-party antivirus software for your PC if your Defender is updated. Defender ATP(Advanced Threat Protection) will be the antivirus app for Android by Microsoft

Key Highlights(Via Microsoft)

“The public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Android will offer protection against phishing and unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and malicious apps. In addition, the ability to restrict access to corporate data from devices that are deemed “risky” will enable enterprises to secure users and data on their Android devices. All events and alerts will be available through a single pane of glass in the Microsoft Defender Security Center, giving security teams a centralized view of threats on Android devices along with other platforms. These capabilities empower enterprises to enable strong security while ensuring their employees remain productive working on their Android devices. Let’s dive into each of these capabilities in more detail.”

Microsoft is now launching a public preview for Defender ATP for Android via the Intune Company Portal app. The new updates and features will be coming out soon gradually. Microsoft is also planning to launch Defender ATP for iOS later this year. You can read about the requirements and installation for Defender ATP here.


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