Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 1, July 2020

Weekly News Roundup
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TechLatest Weekly news roundup week 1, July 2020 – in this article we will discuss all the major happenings and important announcement took place in tech industry last week. This post will be a combinative abstracted version of all the important and fascinating launches and changes that occurred in the tech society. This article will be the collection of all the most popular and hottest announcements, leaks, rumors, and launches of last week in the tech industry. 


If you want to have a quick tour of all the happening within the week so this article is only for you, this will give you an agile evaluation of major changes that take place in the Tech world within a week.

At the starting of this week, we saw Apple is Planning to Sell the iPhone 12 Charger Separately, and on the same day Indian government took a major decision and banned 59 Chinese applications from Google Play Store. And next day Facebook launches its Avatar feature in India. Next, we saw Google has released its Nearby Share for the Beta phase. All of these events were followed by some other exciting ones.

So, let’s have a quick tour of TechLatest weekly news roundup Week 1, July 2020:

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup Week 1, July 2020

Apple is Planning to Sell the iPhone 12 Charger Separately

iPhone 12 Charger 20W

A report from an analyst that claims that Apple is planning to sell the iPhone 12 charger separately. This is sad news as Apple is planning to not include a charge in the iPhone 12 box, you will have to buy it separately. There are a lot of rumors around the iPhone 12. Some say that its base variant will cost USD 549.

Indian Govt. Banned 59 Chinese Apps; Here are Alternatives of All 59 Banned Chinese Apps

Indian Govt. on Monday banned 59 apps with Chinese links, including hugely popular TikTok. TikTok, which took India’s Internet by storm as millions of youth used the app to create and share short comedy, music, and creative videos. It is one of the biggest platforms for creators after YouTube. A government press release announces the ban.

Banned Apps

Facebook Avatar Feature is Rolling Out to All Users; Here is how to Create Your Own Avatar

facebook avatar

Facebook finally launched its Avatar feature in India, the feature is rolling out for all users. Facebook Avatar feature is giving a hard competition to Bitmoji. It will allow you to create your own emoji, a little version of yourself, and you can use it in the Facebook comment section or stories to express your emotions more efficiently and accurately. Initially, back in May, the new Facebook Avatar feature launch in the US and users love this feature. Now the feature is rolling out in India too.

Google’s Nearby Share is Almost Ready, Goes in Beta Testing

Android’s most awaited file-sharing feature Nearby Share is almost ready and goes into Beta testing. Google’s Nearby Share, this feature allows you to share the files between Android devices fastly, securely, and conveniently. Google’s Nearby is also said to be Apple Airdrop’s alternative for Android. Google has confirmed that the company is moving toward the beta testing phase of Google’s Nearby Share.

Nearby Share

Intel Planning to Invest USD 253.5 Million in Reliance Jio

Intel Invests in Reliance Jio

Intel is planning to invest in Jio and announced that will invest USD 253.5 million to acquire a 0.39% stake in Jio. This will make Jio’s total valuation USD 65 billion and that’s quite remarkable considering that Jio is just a few years old.Reliance Jio is seeing a lot of investors lately. Now another giant tech company Intel planning to invest in India’s Reliance Jio platforms. This is a very good thing for both Jio and the Indian market.

Xiaomi’s 120W Charger Has Passed 3C Certificate

Recently, some news suggesting that Xiaomi’s 120W Charger has passed the 3C Certificate. With the dominance of 5G in the market, now smartphones need to be more powerful, and hence for more power smartphone manufacturers need to increase the battery capacity of the phone, so the smartphone can run more efficiently, and longer than usual.

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 1, July 2020 1

Asus is all Set to Launch the Asus ROG Phone 3 in July

TechLatest weekly news roundup week 1, July 2020

Asus has announced that it will be launching the Asus ROG Phone 3 on the same date as last year that is July 22. July is going to be one of the best months so far in terms of new launches of smartphones. We have some really cool smartphones coming up, the OnePlus Nord, Pixel 4a, Poco M2 Pro, and now we have the launch date of Asus ROG Phone 3.

Here, in TechLatest weekly news roundup week 1, July 2020 we have seen all the important announcement happened last week in the tech industry. This is a unique method to have a quick look at all the latest announcements happening in the tech world.

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