5 Unknown and Exciting Features of Gmail

5 unknown features of gmail
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Tech giant Google is reportedly working to revamp its email service – Gmail for the web users. If the reports are to be believed, it has sent out a mail to G Suite users informing them of the development of a new version of the email service which could be rolled out in the coming weeks. The new design will also introduce some new features including direct access to Google Calendar through Gmail interface. The tech giant is also working on a snooze option for the mail to reappear in the inbox after a specific time frame. While these reports have left the users guessing, there are already a number of existing Gmail features that they may not be aware of.

5 Unknown Features of Gmail

Here is a look at them:

1. Unsend messages

Not a lot of people are aware that Gmail has an ‘unsend’ feature just like WhatsApp. To use it, you just need to go to Settings and select the ‘Enable Undo Send option’. The user can select between five, 10, 20 and 30 seconds as the cancellation period. After it’s over, there’s no getting that message back.

2. Shortcuts

Gmail has a different list of shortcuts for Android, iOS and the desktop. To access it, you need to go to settings and click on the Keyboard Shortcuts section. In case you are using a computer, just open Gmail and press – Shift and ‘/’.

3. Search

Looks can be deceptive and Gmail is a perfect example. It has one of the most simple search boxes among tech giants. However, when you click on the drop-down arrow, Gmail gives you a number of search options that will make your job easier.

4. Mute threads

Another feature that you are used to on WhatsApp. Gmail allows you to unmute email threats just like WhatsApp does with group conversations. For this, you need to open the message, click the More button on it and select Mute.

5. Add accounts

If you are using email accounts from other providers like Yahoo, Exchange, and Outlook, Gmail App can make your life a lot easier. You can manage all these accounts from just one place. All you need to do is open the app, tap the menu button, add an account by hitting the down arrow and pick the type of account you want to add.

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