“Our 5G module for PCs, developed in partnership with Intel, is integral to making 5G accessible and available across home and mobile platforms. 5G will usher in the next era of personal computing experiences. Consumers will browse, stream and game faster on their PCs, but we expect them to innovate with 5G in ways we have not yet imagined.” said Joe Chen, Mediatek President as on 25 November Mediatek and Intel announced their partnership to create 5G enabled PCs and laptops.

5g enabled pcs
Intel logo exhibited during the Mobile World Congress, on February 28, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. ( Photo by Joan Cros/NurPhoto via Getty Images )

5G Enabled PCs and laptops

Connectivity’s horizons are about to be broadened just when we thought people are a bit too connected. MediaTek and Intel are coming together for creating 5G notebooks, aiming for the commercial market, for the people who need ultra-fast, everywhere connectivity. And although laptops and notebooks are offering mobility for decades now, connectivity has been a challenge even in recent years with hotspots and Wi-fi everywhere. And even then safety is always bound to be compromised on such public networks.

Intel’s leading x86-based notebook coupled with MediaTek’s fast and efficient 5G connectivity brings new capabilities to essential software. This technology will not only improve the existing streaming and online gaming quality but also offers an opportunity to unlock ideas, apps, and markets.

This should be rolling out in early 2021 and global PC and laptop vendors are backing the project. The first wave of flagship 5G smartphones had Mediatek’s 5G system-on-chip, which had Helio M70 modem chip. Collaborating with Intel, MediaTek’s 5G technology is being developed to meet Intel’s PC platform specifications.

5g enabled pcs
Gregory Bryant, Intel Executive Vice President.

“5G is poised to unleash a new level of computing and connectivity that will transform the way we interact with the world. Intel’s partnership with MediaTek brings together industry leaders with deep engineering, system integration, and connectivity expertise to deliver 5G experiences on the next generation of the world’s best PCs” said Gregory Bryant, Intel Executive Vice President.


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