7+ Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram

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Telegram is one of the most well-rounded messaging apps. In fact, it is more than just a messenger app. You can do all of your messaging stuff and get some content easily on your messaging app. The messaging app was launched in 2013 and one of the reasons it is so good because of its open-source client and API availability for developers.


Developers add new tips and tricks for Telegram with updates and you should know them for a good messaging experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks for Telegram.

Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram

Editing Sent Messages

Usually, it happens that we make a spelling mistake or want to edit a message that we sent already but that function is not available on WhatsApp as of now but you can definitely do that on Telegram.

7+ Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram 1

Just hold the message that you want to edit and select the edit option and you can make the changes and your message will be edited. After the editing, it will show a little edited mark on the message so that the recipient knows that the message was edited.

Scheduling Messaging for Delivery

This is also really cool, if you want to wish someone a happy birthday at exactly 12 or the person you are talking to live in a different time zone, you can schedule the messages on Telegram just like you schedule your emails.

Tips and Tricks for Telegram

After typing the message, just hold to send button for a few seconds and you will see two options, ‘Send Without Sound’ if you select this, then the recipient will receive the message without getting notified which is very good if the recipient is in any meeting or any closed situation. And the second option is ‘Schedule Message’ and by clicking on that you can schedule the message.

Self-Destructing Media

Tips and Tricks for Telegram

Self-destruct media is a very essential option if you want to send a photo or media to someone for just a brief period so that they can’t abuse it. Telegram allows users to send self-destructing media. Select the photo or video you want to send and click on the little timer thing and select the duration for the media and you are all set.

Delete Messages from Recipient

Tips and Tricks for Telegram

Unlike WhatsApp where you can only control the messages that you send, Telegram lets you delete the message from the recipient too. To do this hold on the message you want to delete and click on the delete option and you will see two options delete for you or delete for both, just select your preference and you are good.

Using Multiple Accounts on One Device

Tips and Tricks for Telegram

Yes, you can use multiple Telegram accounts on a single device and this comes very useful if you want a personal and a professional account, just tap on your name and click on ‘Add Account’ and set up a new account with a new number and you can switch between the two accounts easily.


Searching for Groups and Channels

7+ Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram 2

This is one of the most essential features of Telegram that lets you search for groups and channels that are used to circulate a wide variety of data ranging from TV shows to book and many other stuff. Just click on the search option on the bottom right and enter a keyword related to your query and you will see a many groups and channels that have a solution for your query, just click on them and join them and you are good to go.

Add Timestamps to Videos

7+ Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram 3

Timestamps are particularly important if the video is filled with some crap at the start and you want the recipient to see it from time. Just when you are sending a video, write timestamps in hours:minutes:seconds format, and once posted, the timestamp will be highlighted and when anyone will click on the timestamp, the video will begin from that time only.

Changing Interface

7+ Cool Tips and Tricks for Telegram 4

There are tons of changes that you can make with the interface on Telegram. Go to the settings and tap on ‘Chat Settings’ and there you have tons of options to choose from, change the colors of conversations, add or reduce motion, and more. It also supports the Dark Mode so you can enable that too. You can also change the size of text, color of text, chat background, and more.

There were some of the cool tips and tricks for Telegram. Telegram is one of the most productive messaging apps out there and with these tips and tricks it is just quicker and easier to use. If you do know some other tips and tricks for Telegram, do let us know.


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