8+ Unique Telegram Bots that You Can Try in 2020

Telegram Bot
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Telegram is a really useful messaging app to a point that it goes a little bit beyond the “messaging” aspect of it. Telegram has some really cool features and for the majority of us, it is our Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and whatnot. Another useful thing in Telegram is the Unique Telegram bots that you can use for various purposes.


There are many Telegram bots available out there that have a lot of functionality but here we have listed some of the unique Telegram bots that you can try and they are really good.

8+ Unique Telegram Bots

Hotstar Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

This is one of the most useful bots that can be accessed in Telegram. The bot gives you free Disney+ Hotstar accounts with guaranteed login. This bot works and offers the premium, VIP, and sports pack from Disney+ Hotstar. So if you are looking for a free Disney+ Hotstar account, just search for ‘HotstarBot”, username is “@hottstarbot” and type “/start”.

Hodor Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

The game of thrones fans will relate with this one. So if any of you dummies have not watched GOT for some reason only the great lord know, then Hodor was a very beloved character and only spoke one thing during the entire show, “Hodor!”. The bot pretty much does the same thing, it replies with “Hodor” to anything you say. It is a fun time pass.

Group Butler Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

If you manage a group with over 200 members, it becomes very hectic for the admin to manage the group. So with this bot, you can manage your group. You can set group rules and the bot will automatically ban the violators. It can also set some custom triggers. This bot will also welcome new users.

Voicy Bot

In a closed space and can’t listen to audio or voice messages for some reason, this is where voicy comes in very handy. This bot converts audio and voices messages into text all you need to do is forward the audio files to the bot and it will do the rest.

Grocery List Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

If you are one of those people who keep forgetting the grocery list, this bot is actually good for your you can make a list, add, delete items, and then also share it with your friends and family. The bot has some cool customizable options.

BotList Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

BotList Bot is also one of the most useful bots available out there. This is basically a pathway to get a bot of your choice. This bot brings you a list of bots available on Telegram. This bot gives you personalized bots for news preferences, tech news and what not. So you can use this bot to get some useful bots.

Instasave Bot

Unique Telegram Bots

This bot will let you save photos or videos from Instagram. All you need to do is just copy and paste the links of the photos or videos you want to download from Instagram to the bot chat and it will do the rest.



By adding this bot you will be able to create some simple polls. This is really fun to use and if you want to do some short survey, this will be very handy.


As the name suggests, this bot helps you to convert your documents or images into PDF format and it is also very useful as you won’t need a separate app to do all of this stuff.

So these were some of the unique Telegram bots that you can use and have some fun time on Telegram. If you do know about some other unique Telegram bots, do let us know in the comments.

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