We all use torrents or have used it once at least to download movies, games, software, and other stuff. It is quite simple and easy to download resources using torrents. If you know the right websites to download torrent, it just makes everything very simple and easy. There are plenty of good torrent sites to download movies, games, and software.


Finding good torrent sites isn’t that easy as it was back then. You can’t find a good torrent site to download stuff just by a simple search. Chances are that you will be taken to some trash sites that just have pop-up ads and even if you manage to get through them, you will be disappointed as you won’t find what you are looking for.  

In this article, we are going to list down 8+ torrent sites to download movies, games, and software. You can use it to download software that you can’t afford or a movie that is not released in your region, you can also download some games that you always wanted to try.

Torrent Sites to Download Movies, Games, and Software

Note: We recommend that you use a VPN while visiting any of these websites. If you will not use a VPN, chances are that these websites won’t open.

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The Pirate Bay

torrent sites to download

This has to be number one on the list as it is one of the most widely used, reliable torrent sites. It is used by a lot of people worldwide and it has a huge library of movies, TV Shows, and a lot of other entertaining stuff. Additionally, you can also download games and other stuff from this website. So if you are new, just go to this site.


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If you are not quite sure about what you are looking for, just use 1337x as it has one of the cleanest user interfaces. It is a very good site if you want to download software, apps, and games.


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YTS is another great torrent site and it is for movies only. A reason why it is so good is that it has a very extensive collection of classic movies that are hard-to-find. If you are a movie person, YTS will do the complete job for you.



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Torrent DB is a very good site if you are looking for some good software. It has a very good user-friendly interface and is just fun to use. Also, you get a very extensive library of torrents to choose from. Apart from software, it also has ebooks, games, anime, and other stuff. The only problem is that it works on Windows only.


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Anime is one of the hot genres currently and everyone is starting to watch it more and more. Well, in that case, TorLock is a very good option as it has a wide collection of anime torrents and other stuff. The only catch is that it displays a lot of pornographic ads, if you’re comfortable with it or using an ad-blocker, then no problem.


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Limetorrents is also a good site if you are looking for multiple things as it has several categories like TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime. It always has some good and healthy torrents to choose from so definitely check it out.


torrent sites to download

Zooqle is a booming torrent site which now has a very good audience. You can find your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and other stuff on this website. It also has a very good user interface. It is one of the best sites to download games.


torrent sites to download

If you are looking for something and have not found it on any of the above torrent sites, this site is your best hope then. You can find some old software that isn’t used anymore, or you can search for an ebook that you are wanting to read eagerly. It is a very good site to download software and stuff.


RARBG is another great site with a lot of categories to select from. It has an extensive library of content. You get the option to have a username and password, or you can also use it as a guest. If you are looking for HD 4K content, do give it a try.



torrent sites to download

If you are into TV shows then this is the best torrent site for you. It has a lot of good variety of TV shows that you can download. It has a lot of active users and one of the best sites to download TV shows and stuff.

So, these were 8+ torrent sites to download movies, games, and software. Always use a VPN when you are visiting these sites and do let us know some other sites that you people use to get torrents.



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