Android’s Unwanted Tracking Alert – Everything You Should Know


  • Google’s innovative feature leverages Bluetooth technology to detect and alert users about potential unauthorized tracking, enhancing security and privacy.
  • “Unknown Tracker Alerts” informs users about unknown Bluetooth devices, aiding them in locating and disabling trackers, while involving authorities if necessary.
  • In addition to the feature, staying aware of surroundings, keeping belongings secure, and protecting online information contribute to a well-rounded privacy against unauthorized tracking.


Android Unknown Tracker Alert
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Google made an important announcement in May 2023, introducing cutting-edge technology designed to improve the security and privacy of Android device users.


With the use of Bluetooth technology, this new feature, suitably called “Unknown Tracker Alerts,” offers a strong barrier against the dangers of unauthorized tracking.

By utilizing Bluetooth, the feature effectively detects Bluetooth trackers without any connection to well-known apps on the user’s smartphone.

A prompt is sent to the user with important information about the tracker itself if the system detects an unknown tracker.

This comprehensive data includes crucial details like the tracker’s exact position and the level of its battery charge right now.

With these details at hand, the user is better equipped to make choices. They can decide to either totally remove the tracker from their products or nullify its effectiveness.

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What is Unknown Tracker Alert on Android?

Android’s Unwanted Tracking Alert - Everything You Should Know 1

The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature was created primarily in response to the growing concern over the use of Bluetooth trackers for illegal activities like stalking and unauthorized monitoring.

These tiny devices, like Apple AirTags, are defined by their discrete nature, which makes it easier for people to covertly attach them to objects or conceal them in pockets and bags.


Their ability to covertly track the movements of the person carrying them makes them inherently dangerous. Let’s discuss more about the unknown tracker alert feature on Android.

How do Unknown Tracker Alerts work?

The way that Unknown Tracker Alerts work is by using Bluetooth technology to search the area for other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Android’s Unwanted Tracking Alert - Everything You Should Know 2

The system compares a Bluetooth device’s unique identification with a database of known Bluetooth devices whenever a new Bluetooth device enters the radar. The device raises a flag as a suspected unknown tracker if it cannot locate a match in this database.

The person using the device at this point gets a notification. This message not only reveals the identity of the mysterious device but also tells us where it is right now and how much battery power it still has.


With this knowledge at hand, the user can choose the most appropriate course of action, such as disabling or removing the discovered tracker.

How to enable Unknown Tracker Alerts on Android?

Start by launching the Settings app on your Android device to enable Unknown Tracker Alerts. Then, select Safety & Emergency from the list of sections.

From there, select Unknown Tracker Alerts from the list of options. Simply toggle the “Allow alerts” setting to “on.” This will guarantee that you get alerts and updates about unidentified trackers.

How to disable Unknown Tracker Alerts on Android?

Open the Settings app on your Android device to disable Unknown Tracker Alerts. Navigate to the Safety & Emergency section after that.


This section contains an option called “Unknown Tracker Alerts.” The ‘Allow Alerts‘ setting there can be turned off at any time. This will stop you from being bothered by those warnings.

What to do if you receive an Unknown Tracker Alert?

An Unknown Tracker Alert calls for thoughtful deliberation and action. Here are some things you can do if you find yourself in this scenario to make sure you’re safe and at ease:

Android’s Unwanted Tracking Alert - Everything You Should Know 3
  • Find the Tracker: The first thing to do after receiving an Unknown Tracker Alert is to locate the tracker. You can learn more about the location of the tracker from the notification. If you are unfamiliar with the location, think about using a map app on your phone to get a better sense of the surroundings.
  • Disable the Tracker: Once you’ve located the tracker, you might feel compelled to take immediate action to reclaim your privacy. Disabling the tracker is a practical strategy. This can be accomplished by taking out the tracker’s batteries or by interfering with communication. You can regain control of your personal space by taking this action.
  • Involve the Authorities: It’s critical to involve the appropriate authorities if you believe that you are being followed against your will. Speak with the police and give them all the details you know about the tracker. They have the skills necessary to manage these circumstances and can take the necessary steps to protect your safety.

With the help of the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature, users may protect themselves from unauthorized tracking.

You are taking proactive measures to protect yourself from any potential privacy violations by using this feature.


Furthermore, there are other steps you can take to strengthen your safety against unauthorized tracking in addition to depending entirely on this feature:

  • Keep Your Environment in Mind: Whether you’re in a public area or anywhere else, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your surroundings. Pay alert to people who might be displaying an excessive amount of interest in you. If something seems odd, trust your gut and act on it.
  • Keep Your Things Close by: If you have a Bluetooth tracker or other similar gadget, make sure you always have it with you. This improves your general security in addition to helping to prevent theft.
  • Protect Your Online Information: Be careful while disclosing personal information online. Online information that is shared has the potential to be used to track your movements or compromise your privacy. Be cautious about how much personal information you share.

By following these logical safety measures, you are actively enhancing your privacy against unauthorized tracking.

Keep in mind that your security and peace of mind are of the utmost importance and that these actions taken collectively help to make your environment secure for you.

The effectiveness of the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature does, however, have some restrictions that must be acknowledged.


Wrapping It All

It is still possible for trackers to be hidden or camouflaged in ways that prevent discovery. Despite this, the feature continues to be a useful tool in the ongoing battle to strengthen one’s defenses against the sneaky threat of unwanted tracking.

Google provides users with an extra degree of security with this project, enabling them to protect themselves from the intrusive grasp of unauthorized trackers.

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