Admist the COVID- 19 outbreak, along with government many large scales MNC’s are taking initiatives. Last week ago, Google announced that it will display the location of food centers and shelters for poor people who have been struck in different cities due to lockdown. Now, Apple is also doing something similar. The government has launched many COVID- 19 screening labs. However, People were finding it difficult to locate them. Now, Apple has announced that it will display the location of the screening center and other healthcare facility providers.

Apple Reportedly to Display COVID- 19 Testing Locations 1

To begin with, Apple has launched a portal for hospitals and other health care providers to get themselves registered. The registered locations will be displayed after a review process. The details shown by apple will reveal the name of the place, the healthcare provider, their contact phone number and the official website. It will also provide information relating to the type of healthcare provider (laboratory, hospital, etcetera) and the characteristics of the site (like a drive-through, parking lot, or building).

Apple Reportedly to Display COVID- 19 Testing Locations 2

It will also provide the scheduled timing of the testing location. Apple has also introduced a website and app with screening abilities and information about COVID-19 pandemics. A few days back, Apple announced its partnership with Google for developing a contact tracing technology. In May, the tech-giants will release the Application Programme Interface which will help in interoperability between iOS and Android. These apps can be easily downloaded by users via their respective app stores.


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