What to Expect: Apple’s AI Powerhouse Play at WWDC 2024?


  • WWDC 2024: keynote on June 10 at 10:00 AM PT.
  •  Expect iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS updates, and new macOS.
  • Anticipated AI advancements and partnerships with OpenAI and Google.
What to Expect Apple's AI Powerhouse Play at WWDC 2024
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It is now official, and that sentiment is rather fitting, as Apple announces its dates for next year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), which will be held on June 10th.


This year, the technology circle expects Apple to unveil a much focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), in addition to the company’s usual perks of new software releases.

Read for a brief preview of the event of the year to know all you need to know all what you need to know about this year’s event.

What to Expect: Apple’s AI Powerhouse Play at WWDC 2024

Mark Your Calendars for the Keynote

The cornerstone of WWDC is the keynote address, scheduled for Monday, June 10th, at 10:It will be 3:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Noon EST (Eastern Standard Time), or 9:00 AM PT (Pacific Time).

For viewers in India, this translates to 10:12:30 PM in the evening according to India Standard Time. To catch the live stream: To catch the live stream:

  • The latest details on this event and the link to the live keynote will be posted on the Apple Events page on June 10th.
  • Watch the new Keynote live on Apple’s official YouTube channel – for now, it accepts speakers from all over the world.
Apple WWDC 2024

Next-Gen Software Takes Center Stage

In the same fashion as previous editions, WWDC 2024 will look at the upcoming releases of Apple systems. Here’s a preview of the expected announcements: Here’s a preview of the expected announcements:

iOS 18

So all in all, the release of iOS, which will be iOS 18, can be considered one of the most important changes that Apple has planned in recent years. Key features might include:

  • Home screen, User interface improvements – In an updated dialogue with users, Apple introduced more customization to the users of the iPhones.
  • To these, I have added a redesign of Siri, which should provide better performance of its tasks and a more convenient way of interacting with the user.

iPadOS 18 and watchOS Updates

It is also expected that new versions of iPadOS 18 and watchOS updates will be released as well. Even if the full details continue to be withheld, it is possible to anticipate the sort of enhancements with measures on functionality, performance, and harmonization with other Apple devices.

New macOS Version

Apple’s Mac fleet isn’t going to be left to stagnate either. The new macOS version could emphasize:The new macOS version could emphasize:

  • Enhanced productivity tools.
  • Robust security features.
  • Custom Support for Newer Apple Hardware and Operating Systems. )
Apple WWDC 2024

Apple’s Foray into AI

The main anticipation that people have regarding WWDC 2024 mainly references Apple’s possible foray into the AI market. Although the company has been secretive about its AI initiatives, several rumors hint at major announcements: Although the company has been secretive about its AI initiatives, several rumors hint at major announcements:

Apple’s Take on AI

Apple may announce its backstories in AI solutions and may discuss features that work exclusively on iPhones like the future iPhone 16s. This approach correlates with the policy that Apple has on the protection of its users’ privacy and security of their data.

Potential Partnerships

Predictions for Apple is that they will soon enter into affiliations with some of AI powerhouses such as OpenAI and Google. These collaborations could allow AI applications to run natively on iPhones, while at the same time, learning from the experience and skills of the mentioned firms; all this, without changing Apple’s user data and iPhone security policies.

Beyond the Rumors: Other expectations New understandings must be brought alive and connected to current strategic discussions, as well as offer new insights to inform future strategy debates.


Finally, it is often with WWDC that Apple also takes the opportunity to launch new hardware products as well as new versions of operating systems. While specific details are limited, there’s always the possibility of announcements: While specific details are limited, there’s always the possibility of announcements for:

  • New iPhone models.
  • Updated iPads and Macs.
  • Entirely new product categories.

Apple Loses Some Dominance as Devices and Services Previews Dominate the WWDC

How can WWDC 2024 become a landmark event? Themed “Together We Create”, the conference will introduce updates for new generations of software, delve into AI, and possibly start fresh with new hardware.

From the Apple fan to the coder and the technology aficionado; this conference is a feast to the eyes. Let me remind you of the approximate time for extraordinary Apple announcements which will be published during one week.

Wrapping It All

Please remember that this post is not definitive; refer to official Apple channels for more information and updates as the date draws nearer.


Apple’s global developer conference meeting in WWDC 2024 is an event that gives you a look into what Apple has in store for the future of your devices and the ecosystem they represent.

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