Apple Introduces ‘MGIE’: AI Image Editing Tool


  • MGIE from Apple revolutionizes image editing with text commands.
  • Developed in partnership with UC Santa Barbara, MGIE is versatile and powerful.
  • Ethical considerations accompany the innovative potential of AI-powered image manipulation.
Apple Introduces 'MGIE' AI Image Editing Tool
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Apple has taken a huge step into the world of AI-powered image editing with the release of MGIE (MLLM-Guided Image Editing), indicating a considerable development in the field.


This revolutionary technology, which uses natural language processing, promises to transform the editing process by allowing users to change photographs using simple text commands. Check out the details!

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Apple Introduces AI Image Editor “MGIE”

Unlike traditional photo editing software that provides pre-set filters and tweaks, MGIE goes beyond cosmetic modifications with its instruction-based editing approach.

Users may now express their desired alterations in natural language, such as asking for a brighter sky in a landscape photo, and MGIE will work its magic appropriately.

Apple and researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara collaborated together to develop the underlying technology for MGIE.

This collaboration has resulted in a versatile model that can handle a wide range of editing jobs, from simple color modifications to complex object manipulations.

Surprisingly, MGIE may even add completely new components to an image based purely on verbal instructions.

AI Image Editor MGIE

Apple’s decision to make MGIE open-source demonstrates its commitment to encouraging innovation and collaboration in the developer and research communities.


By granting access to the code, data, and pre-trained models, Apple paves the door for the future development of even more powerful and user-friendly editing tools.

While the possibility of MGIE being integrated into existing Apple products, such as Photos or a dedicated app, remains unconfirmed, its potential uses are broad and varied.

Professional photographers will benefit from faster editing operations, while casual users can easily generate amazing photographs without the need for complicated tools.

Furthermore, MGIE shows potential in improving accessibility for individuals with physical constraints and allowing artistic discovery through unique edits and new notions.


Nonetheless, like with any sophisticated technology, AI-powered image manipulation raises significant ethical concerns.

Valid worries about misinformation, manipulation, and potential misuse compel Apple to emphasize the necessity of responsible development and advise users to follow ethical guidelines when using MGIE.

Overall, MGIE represents a substantial advancement in image editing technology, poised to democratize the editing process and open up new creative possibilities.

While its full integration and future evolution are yet to be seen, one thing is certain: AI is transforming the landscape of image modification, with MGIE leading the charge as a visible brushstroke on that canvas.


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