Naman Pokhriyal

Naman Pokhriyal

Call of Duty COD
Feb 1, 2022

How to Fix if COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working

After the launch of Pacific Update in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, the multiplayer game mode stopped working for many players. It happened across consoles, from Xbox…
Fortnite Featured
Jan 15, 2022

How to Download Fortnite on iPhone?

Fortnite developers, Epic, and iPhone production house Apple Inc have fallen into a legal dispute due to Epic's update of adding in-app purchases. It was to avoid…
Twitch Featured
Jan 13, 2022

How to Host on Twitch (Stream Games)?

Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a platform where you can live-stream your gameplay, music, and many other things. Streamers get paid according to the watch time…
Google Pay vs Samsung Pay
Jan 11, 2022

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay: Which One to Choose?

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay, this article is a comparison between these. After reading this, you will learn about their features and working, and decide for yourself.

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